for a conscious lifestyle

We share a lot of recipes, tips and tricks for a vegan and eco friendly lifestyle

Good for humans, animals and the environment

By eating vegetables you’re making a positive contribution to your personal health, animal welfare and the environment.

Tasty, nutritious and easy

Tasty plant-based cooking is simple, varied and nutritious. You eat more vegetables and discovered hundreds of new flavors and textures.

Green living

Tips for a green way of living. Cloths, building houses, healty living, interviews with people about their live.


The more aware you eat, the better you feel

Vegan aquafaba chocolate mousse (egg free)

Aquafaba (a.k.a. the moisture from a can of chickpeas or beans) is totally crazy! You just have to beat it up, and you get a foamy mass with which you can make a lot of tasty things. Like vegan desserts, for example 🙂  More about aquafaba in this article. I admit it...

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Tagine with seaweed, tofu and sweet potato

Super tasty recipe with tofu marinated in seaweed broth. No better way to go fish-free through life and still enjoy the taste. Well, if at least you need it (otherwise I do;)). The disadvantage is that you should do part of the recipe (the seaweed broth and marinating...

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