for a conscious lifestyle

We share a lot of recipes, tips and tricks for a vegan and eco friendly lifestyle

Good for humans, animals and the environment

By eating vegetables you’re making a positive contribution to your personal health, animal welfare and the environment.

Tasty, nutritious and easy

Tasty plant-based cooking is simple, varied and nutritious. You eat more vegetables and discovered hundreds of new flavors and textures.

Green living

Tips for a green way of living. Cloths, building houses, healty living, interviews with people about their live.


The more aware you eat, the better you feel

What is gelatin? + vegan alternative

I have always assumed (a little naive) that everyone knows exactly what gelatin is and exactly where it comes from. From the reactions that I sometimes get about it, it turns out that this is unfortunately not always the case. So it is time to talk about gelatin. And...

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Chestnut soup – vegan recipe

Autumn may be in the country, it does not mean you have to be sad. Despite the colder temperatures and the often drizzling weather, a lot of advantages are also attached to this season. Like chestnuts for example! They fall in our neighborhood from the trees and I...

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