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We share a lot of recipes, tips and tricks for a vegan and eco friendly lifestyle

Good for humans, animals and the environment

By eating vegetables you’re making a positive contribution to your personal health, animal welfare and the environment.

Tasty, nutritious and easy

Tasty plant-based cooking is simple, varied and nutritious. You eat more vegetables and discovered hundreds of new flavors and textures.

Green living

Tips for a green way of living. Cloths, building houses, healty living, interviews with people about their live.


The more aware you eat, the better you feel

Agar agar: all you need and want to know about it

What is agar agar? Yep, when I heard the word agar agar for the first time, I really thought that it was some ‘neighbor country’ of Tolkien’s Mordor or something like that. Or the sound of the call of a Siberian forest cat …that sort of things. How wrong could I be!...

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Artichoke – how to cook and eat them? (+video)

What are artichokes? Artichoke is a plant that is closely related to the thistle and mainly occurs in the Mediterranean area. They are sold and eaten as vegetables, while it is actually an (unripe) flower. Just like a flower, an artichoke consists of a core surrounded...

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