We are happy to inspire you with your plant-based lifestyle!

Hi! We are Elke and Stijn, the founders of  Goherbie.

It’s our mission to make the vegan (plant-based) lifestyle as accessible as possible. We want to inspire you to eat and live more consciously. Because by making that choice you can contribute so much to a better world. Better for yourself, but also for the environment, the animals, …

Why do not you take the step (yet)?

We know that a change of lifestyle can be quite difficult. Maybe you have a busy life and it seems hard to cook fast and varied vegan meal? Or do you doubt because you are afraid of the reactions from your immediate environment (such as family and friends)?

Just some reasons that stop you from living the way you really want.

Fortunately, that fear is not necessary and it is very important to know that you are certainly not the only one with such doubts. We are here to help you with our recipes, cooking tips and inspiration.

The only thing you need further is the desire to actually get started 🙂

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Mahatma Ghandi

We share vegan recipes, blogs about vegan lifestyle, cooking tips and green living inspiration.

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