Best vegan barefoot shoes

Barefoot shoes are shoes with a very thin sole, without cushioning, and without a heel increase. This gives you the same feeling as if you are walking or walking barefoot. In this way, you get optimal contact with the ground, and your feet make the most natural movement possible.

By the way, did you know that many barefoot shoes are vegan and sustainable? In this article, you will discover the best vegan barefoot shoes and brands, and we will tell you everything about the benefits of these minimalist shoes.

Buy the best vegan barefoot shoes


The range at Vivobarefoot is extensive. In addition to their regular offer, they also have a whole collection of vegan barefoot shoes. In this way, all barefoot shoes are pleasant for your feet and very good for nature. With Vivobarefoot shoes, you feel every step and free your feet while making the best ethical choices.

The entire range of vegan barefoot shoes is made from recycled plastic bottles. In addition, the shoes are the least petroleum-dependent on the market because they use 30% BIO products such as corn, natural rubber, and algae. Not only does the use of algae save a lot of water, but it also drastically reduces the amount of CO2 emissions.

Vivo barefoot vegan

The Vivobarefoot vegan barefoot shoes are suitable for various purposes, including walking, running, mountain hiking and trail running, and even real winter boots. In addition, they also have barefoot shoes for everyday and business life. At Vivobarefoot, you can buy a pair of vegan barefoot shoes for every occasion. The choice is also extensive for children.

Primus Lite III All weather

You can use these all-weather barefoot shoes all year round for all your walks, runs, training sessions, and everyday life. They are made of recycled material and water-repellent mesh textile. The outsole is only 4 mm thick, so there is only a minimal amount of material between your feet and the surface. This ensures an optimal feeling and good grip.

Primus Lite III All weather

The Primus Lite III is available for both men and women in different colors.


Vibram’s range of barefoot shoes is very extensive, and many of these shoes are also vegan-friendly. Vibram is mainly known for its FiveFingers barefoot shoes where each toe, like toe socks, is separate.

In addition, they also have some barefoot shoes with a concept from the Japanese custom to wrap objects in cloths. These shoes are literally wrapped around your feet.

Vibram FiveFingers barefoot shoes

The FiveFingers barefoot shoes from Vibram provide a combination of maximum feeling with the ground and the best protection. Thanks to the separate fingers for each toe, you can enjoy even more grip and flexibility on any surface.

With these barefoot shoes, it is important to take a good look at the size chart so that you are sure to get the right size. You will notice that you often have to buy these shoes a size or even two larger than your normal shoe size.

The Vibram vegan barefoot shoes can be washed cold in the washing machine. Then you have to let them dry, so don’t put them in the dryer.

In addition to all these great features, you can also choose from more than ten different FiveFingers barefoot shoes, each of which has its own purpose. There is a Vibram barefoot shoe for all-round and everyday use, but you can also opt for a ballerina, trail run, running, or training shoe. The kids are also not spared in the Vibram range. There is also a specific Vibram barefoot shoe for the colder days. There are plenty of choices, and you can undoubtedly find the perfect barefoot shoe for everyone.

  • KSO Evo: all-round and versatile use
  • KSO Evo kids: all-round barefoot shoes for children
  • KSO: for sporting activities
  • KSO Eco: everyday shoe, walking, and training
  • V-Trek insulated: for the colder days
  • V-Trail: for trail running
  • V-Trail 2.0: for trail running
  • V-Run: for runners
  • V-Train 2.0: for all your training sessions
  • Vi-B: ballerinas
  • CVT-Hemp: casual and everyday shoes
Fivefingers KSO Evo (men and women)

Maximum feeling and optimal protection on any type of surface. The KSO Evo barefoot shoes are the most versatile FiveFingers barefoot shoes from Vibram. The durable sole of these shoes is shock-absorbing and suitable for all types of outdoor and indoor activities. By the way, KSO stands for “keep stuff out” so you can be sure that dirt, mud, and stones do not end up in your shoes.

Fivefingers KSO Evo (men and women) - vegan barefoot

The shoes are 100% vegan and have a 2 mm insole, a 3.5mm rubber midsole, and an all-polyester upper.

These barefoot shoes are equipped with a quick lace lacing system and are available in different colors.

V-pull insulated (men and women)

This is a slightly higher model that is suitable for colder days. These barefoot shoes have an extra warm lining and a fleece lining. It doesn’t extend into the toes to avoid uncomfortable seams near the toes. However, there is an extra layer of film on top and between the toes for warmth, extra durability, and to reduce water impact.

V-pull insulated (men and women) Vibram

The IceTrek outsole of 4 mm is made of rubber and provides extra grip. The polyurethane insole is 4 mm thick. These barefoot shoes are available in both a women’s and men’s designs and in 2 different colors.

V-Trail 2.0

You will definitely experience the ultimate outdoor feeling with these V-Trail 2.0 barefoot shoes. These shoes have been specially developed for all your outdoor walking and trail running activities. This model has a 3D Cocoon mesh protection which is of course essential to protect your feet and barefoot shoes against sharp objects, rocks, wild growth, and stones.

The rubber sole ensures that the impact on different surfaces is well distributed. Thanks to the 3.7 mm rubber Megagrip sole, you have the best grip in dry and wet conditions.

vibram V-Trail 2.0

The insole of these barefoot shoes is 2 mm thick and equipped with a polyester microfiber sock liner. The wear-resistant polyester on the outside ensures that these barefoot shoes are very durable and will last a long time.

You close the shoes with the handy fast lacing system which are available in three different colors for both men and women.

Vibram Furoshiki

These barefoot shoes not only look great but also feel great and are very comfortable to wear. The upper part of the shoes is made of elastic material so that you will always be able to put the shoe on smoothly. The unique closing system wraps the shoe around the feet, as it were. These shoes are comfortable on any type of surface and offer both protection and the necessary grip.

Vibram Furoshiki - vegan barefoot

The Furoshiki barefoot shoes are available in 4 models:

  • Knit high: with a knitted upper and integrated sock that extends to the ankle.
  • Knit: with the same benefits as the Knit High, only it falls lower.
  • Kids: especially for the kids
  • Evo: with a slightly thicker sole and more angular heel

Xero shoes

The Xero brand also has a very wide range of vegan barefoot shoes for different uses for men, women, and children. In addition to ballerinas, sandals, and even a real alpine snow boot, they have barefoot shoes specifically for hiking, trail running, and running. The Xero Prio and Xero HFS are the most popular shoes in Xero’s vegan range.


The Prio is Xero’s most all-round barefoot shoe that focuses on performance on the trails, in the gym, and on the slackline. Completely vegan friendly and equipped with a FeelTrue 5.5 mm sole with a 2 mm removable sole.

xero prio barefoot

These vegan barefoot shoes are available in different colors.


The Xero HFS barefoot shoes are lightweight sneakers with a breathable mesh upper. These barefoot shoes are suitable for running and training as well as for everyday wear and everyday activities.

Xero HFS - vegan barefoot shoes

The High Flexible Sole (HFS) ensures that your feet can move in a natural way. The shoes have a very nice and comfortable fit. The outsole is flexible and 5.5 mm thick. The insole of these HFS barefoot shoes is 2 mm thick and removable.


The ultimate barefoot snow boot. These winter boots are waterproof, warm, and very comfortable. The thermo sole of these boots is removable. These snow boots give you the ultimate barefoot feeling in the most wintery conditions. They are available in two different colors for both men and women.

Xero Alpine barefoob boots


Merrell is known for its rock-solid hiking and trail running shoes. Many of their products contain recycled materials. In addition, a large part of their range is vegan and they also have various vegan barefoot shoes for sporty and active use.

The Trail Glove 5 A/C and the Hydro Lagoon are both fun barefoot shoes for the little ones. The Trail Glove is the kids version of the very popular adult trail shoe. With this shoe, the kids can take on the most exciting and challenging trails. With the Lagoon barefoot shoes the children can play outside and in the water without any worries.

Trail Glove 6 (men and women)

You can use the Trail Glove 6 barefoot shoes during intensive efforts where you are constantly in motion. These shoes provide natural stabilization on all types of terrain. These barefoot shoes are an excellent choice for hiking trips and challenging trail runs in the mountains and technical terrain.

Merell Trail Glove 6 (men and women)

The upper of these shoes consists of mesh and TPU. The heel counter is reinforced, and the TrailProtect rock plates protect the underfoot against stones, rocks, and roots. In addition, these barefoot shoes are very breathable, and they have an antimicrobial M Select Fresh technology that prevents odors.

Pay attention: there is also a non-vegan version.

The shoes have no drop and have a 3 mm groove in the profile. The sole is 11.5 mm thick. The shoes have a traditional lace-up closure and are available in different colors in women’s and men’s designs.

Vapor Glove 4

The Vapor Glove is a real barefoot all-rounder and has been very popular for years. The shoes are thin, flexible, and have a very good fit. This beautiful sneaker is suitable for everyday use, but can just as well be used during walking and sports. The thin Vibram sole is 6.5 mm thick and has a fine profile. These vegan barefoot shoes are available in different colors for both men and women. Please note that the Vapor Glove 4 also does not have vegan shoes.

Pay attention: there is also a non-vegan version

merrel Vapor Glove 4

Ahinsa 100% vegan barefoot shoes

Ahinsa is a 100% vegan brand that offers regular and barefoot shoes. They have an extensive collection of vegan barefoot shoes for men and women.

The story of Ahinsa shoes started with Lukas Klimpera. This physiotherapist wanted to design shoes that are natural for your feet and make the whole body happy. In addition, the ethical aspect was also essential to him, which is why all Ahinsa shoes are 100% vegan and, therefore, free from animal products.

Meanwhile, Ahinsa has become a popular brand, winning several awards and consistently achieving good results in various independent tests. Of course, Lukas thinks the feedback from his customers and users/wearers of the Ahinsa shoes is just that little bit more important.

Ahinsa vegan barefoot shoes

All Ahinsa shoes, both the normal comfort shoes and the barefoot shoes, are made without harmful products. In addition, all shoes are made in collaboration with various physiotherapists.

Thanks to this approach, you get the barefoot feeling with Ahinsa’s barefoot shoes. The production of the shoes also takes place in the best possible and ethical fair trade manner. Exploitation and abuse are therefore not included!

Therefore, buying a pair of Ahinsa barefoot shoes is always a good idea. The choice is wide enough, and there is a barefoot shoe for every occasion. You can choose from different sneakers, casual shoes, sports shoes, ankle shoes, winter shoes, and extra spacious shoes.

Also, in terms of color, there is usually a very wide choice. In addition, the shoes all look very neat, and in addition to the regular, low shoes, you also have a choice of different boots and shoes up to ankle height. This means that you are also optimally protected against the weather in the autumn and winter months.

What are barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes are shoes that approach the feeling of walking or walking barefoot as closely as possible. These types of shoes limit the natural movement of our feet as little as possible.

The characteristic of barefoot shoes is the sole that is the same thickness over the entire shoe. The sole is always very thin so that you can feel the surface through the sole. As a result, the entire foot will rest on the ground. Finally, the sole is also very flexible and lightweight, ensuring that you can move as naturally as possible when you wear barefoot shoes.

Barefoot shoes have no extra cushioning but usually extra space in the front so the toes do not come together. This also contributes to comfort and simulates the foot’s natural position when walking or walking barefoot.

Why barefoot shoes, and what are the benefits?

Ankles and feet are very vulnerable parts of the body, but we have it all to ourselves. Our feet and ankles are not trained enough. This is mainly due to the sometimes rather non-active lifestyle that people have.

But perhaps it is even more since most people wear shoes that support the feet. We always opt for the easiest solution by supporting our feet and ankles as best we can. In fact, you don’t need that support if you train your feet and ankles properly.

But why exactly do we always choose shoes with support? This is often because no one tells us about the alternative to that support. Fortunately, we now do that with the help of this article.

Walking or running barefoot or with barefoot shoes activates the muscles in your feet and ankles. This will make them stronger over time. This means that you will have less chance of injuries.

It also improves blood circulation. A consequence of this is that you have less chance of cardiovascular disease and that your feet will warm up faster and will remain so.

When you walk over an obstacle with bare feet, your foot will mold itself to that obstacle, so that you have more and better grip and are more stable on your feet. Because the feet curve around the object, you have a larger contact surface, which automatically gives you more grip. The principle of a barefoot shoe is exactly the same. Due to the flexibility of barefoot shoes, the shoe will also mold to the obstacle. This gives you the same grip and stability as if you were doing this barefoot.

This is not the case with normal shoes. As a result, when you get obstacles, rocks, and stones under your feet, the shoes will not bend around these obstacles. As a result, you have much less grip and stability in the first place, and you will lose grip much faster.

In addition, you can no longer use the natural shock absorption of the ankles optimally when you wear a sturdy and less flexible shoe. The direct consequence of this is that not the ankle but the knees, hips, and back will absorb the shocks of the terrain.

Advantages of barefoot shoes:

  • ensure healthy feet and toes
  • help to strengthen muscles in a natural way
  • Improve posture, balance, and stability
  • Relieve knee, back, and hip pain
  • Improve blood circulation and circulation

Are barefoot shoes healthy?

Barefoot shoes provide optimal comfort for your feet because the shoes adapt to your feet and not the other way around. With sturdy shoes, your feet have to adapt to the shoe, which can cause aches, blisters, and sore toes when pressed together. With barefoot shoes, you do not have those problems, and such inconveniences will not arise quickly.

You can say that barefoot shoes are healthy because they take excellent care of your feet.

Of course, walking or running barefoot or with barefoot shoes on different surfaces is a matter of getting used to. After a while, you can really enjoy all the benefits that barefoot shoes bring. Over time and when your feet and ankles have become stronger you will notice that your feet and ankles can handle more than you initially thought.

By systematically training and strengthening your feet and ankles, you will gradually relieve your back, hips, and knees and get fewer complaints.

Are there vegan barefoot shoes?

It goes without saying that not all barefoot shoes are vegan. Of course, there are vegan barefoot shoes, and the range is wider than you might think. Vegan barefoot shoes can be made of mesh, synthetic leather/suede, microfibre, cotton, and hemp.

The barefoot shoes and brands we showed you in this article are all vegan. As you can see, the choice is huge, and you can find a suitable vegan barefoot shoe for every activity.

Barefoot shoes for men, women, and children

Barefoot shoes are available for men, women, and children. Due to the wide range for men, women, and children, you can go barefoot with the whole family, and you can all go for the same natural experience. In addition to casual barefoot shoes for daily use, you can also go on an adventure tour by choosing special barefoot shoes for walking or hiking.

Barefoot shoes for running

There are many barefoot shoes in the wide range that are suitable for running, trail running, or hiking. That is not surprising because it is precisely during those activities that you are usually one with nature. The picture will only be complete if you also become entirely one with the different surfaces you get at your feet.

Thanks to the flexibility of barefoot shoes, you also have much more grip and stability when the trails get a bit more technical. Barefoot shoes are the right choice for the sporty types who often spend time in the woods!

Conclusion: buy vegan barefoot shoes

With vegan barefoot shoes, you can equal the feeling of walking or running barefoot. In addition, these shoes also ensure that your feet and ankles become stronger. As a result, other body parts such as the knees, back, and hips will be less stressed in the long run, and you will suffer less from ailments.

The flexibility of barefoot shoes improves your general posture and gives you more balance and stability on any type of surface —both during sports and exercise and in daily life. Therefore, vegan barefoot shoes are a healthy alternative to regular shoes.

In addition, a barefoot shoe is also much more comfortable and better for the feet and toes. Barefoot shoes provide more space for the toes so that they are not pressed together and cause pain or blisters.

There are not only barefoot shoes for everyday use but also shoes that have a more specific purpose. Just think of snow boots, trail running, and running shoes or sneakers with which you can practice all types of sports. In short, there is a pair of vegan barefoot shoes for everyone.

Do you already use vegan barefoot shoes, or are you planning to do so after reading this article? We are very curious about your choice! Be sure to let us know in a comment at the bottom of the page.

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