It had been on my Bucket list for a couple of years: go to Tony Robbins. Once 🙂 I already read the book Unlimited Power

At the beginning of this year, I had written it again in my journal to go once. Not much later I saw that someone I know sold a 2nd ticket. I immediately thought “this is the moment.”

Honestly, I found it all very scary. I never actually travel. 1.5 years ago we have been to Friesland (a 3-hour drive) for a weekend, and 6 years ago Italy, but nothing else in recent years. I had to find a hotel, arrange things, survive the trip and so on 😉

And well, what should I eat? I had already heard that there would not be much time to buy food – let alone find something vegan – and you better take some healthy things yourself.

First, I did not want to fly, it was more than 20 years ago and so polluting, but it was recommended that you get to the site right away. As I found it extremely exciting and did not have to find out how to get to the location, I still chose this option. Also, because it would be long days, it was convenient to walk to the event hall from the hotel.

Excel London

On the way to the event hall (the building with red)

Just flying for an hour, I found it surprising that I get some drinks and a snack. I notice that more and more people are not eating everything (allergy, vegan, veggie,…). The snack was allergic free.

vegan airplane snack with corn

What do you eat at a Tony Robbins event?

In London, I first checked out the location of the event. Have a look at all the food stands to find out which one has vegan options.

I found this smoothie: Innocent super smoothie with kiwi, lime, matcha, wheat grass, flaxseed, …

Innocent smoothie

Then I went for a walk and found a shop, looked a bit like a cross between a day and night shop. I bought bananas, cherry tomatoes, and grapes. Healthy and easy to take with me during the seminar. I also found falafel balls and hummus, approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Falafel with hummus

The first day I switched my ticket at 9 o’clock for an entrance band. After that, I had some time before it really started. I bought myself a breakfast of all kinds of berries.

Elke on Unleash the Power Within - Tony Robbins

Run over fire

The first day was about to overcome fears or to transform your fears into strength. We also learned the tactics to walk over the fire without feeling anything, without burning your feet. Very important 😉

With 10,000 men at the same time, we walked out of the hall through the hallway of the building all the way out. What you see in the picture is the part that ran behind me, I also saw such a mass before. Everyone on the bare feet. I was glad I had slippers (received this tip in advance).

On the way to the firewalk

On the way to the Firewalk

When I called Stijn the next evening, I said I was in front of the hot coals and that I thought, where should I put my slippers now? He had to laugh hard. “You’re going to walk on fire and you wonder where to leave your slippers” 😉 But it was fantastic.

I was lucky to have a kettle in the room. By default, I made a miso soup that I took in my canteen for breakfast. I still eat miso soup, but usually homemade. And not in the morning, though it is usually eaten at that time. It seemed strange to me but did me astonishingly well.


What else had I taken:

  • Crackers in different flavors
  • Rawbites in different flavors
  • Veggie Mix of lima

Elke and Tony Robbins

The days were long (12-15 hours a day), the first day had no break, the other days 2x. The second day I went to get a burrito, but before the break started. During the break there was an immense long row at each stall. I asked for a vegan and got an allergens card to see what was in it. The guacamole was unfortunately not vegan. How nice I also find the crackers, rawbites and fruits, I was excited to eat something else hot.

Elke with vegan burito

Uncommonly energy

Although the days were long, you did not eat and sleep much, it did not feel that way. Otherwise, I’ll be behind my desk all day long, and become languid by staring at the computer. But now it was not an hour that you sat without moving too. Standing, clapping, dancing, perform assignments together, … made sure you kept moving and that the energy remained high.

The 3rd day was transformation day. Describing this would greatly detract from what caused it. But it gave a lot of power to everyone. The energy you feel bubbling through you, is therefore indescribable.

Elke on UPW London Tony Robbins

Detox period

The last day of UPW was about energy. I already felt that yesterday, but here it was about nutrition, movement, … Also, you got a plan for a 10-day detox. And actually, I began to feel that detox. I only felt some detoxification from 4 days almost just fruit, seed crackers,… The real 10-day detox, I have to start with that.

Is Tony Robbins a vegan?

I asked this question before I left. During the event, I found out that this is not the case. He was a vegan for several years, but not anymore. He does, however, promote to eat no (or just a little) meat and dairy. This because these acidify your body so you will have less energy.

The worst pizza ever

At the end of the day, a group photo was made of the Flemish and Dutch people. Afterwards, we were going to eat with a few people. No, we all set out the detox for a while 😉 We didn’t  find anything right away, so went to the hotel from someone from our company. We did not get any food because it was too late. We did get a card to order a pizza which will be delivered. We ate because we were hungry, but this was the worst pizza I have ever eaten in my life. Glad that I was in good company.

The worst pizza ever

The best coffee ever

I was far too early at the airport. Because it’s all new to me, I just went on time so I could figure out everything. Once I checked in the suitcase, I wanted to drink a coffee. Looked at the board with “organic” (organic), so that was good.

Coconut Flat white

At home, I’m just drinking coffee with nutmilk, but on other places I usually take a black one because of lack of non-dairy milk. On the board I saw the Coconut Flat White, dairyfree was included. I just wondered for sure if it’s vegan. The super friendly, happy waitress gave me the coffee. After the worst pizza ever the day before, this was the best coffee. EVER!

The best coffee ever - coconut flat white

This lightning photo of me at the return flight I found to be appropriate for how “Unleash the Power Within 2017” was 🙂

Elke in airplane

Tony Robbins has written many books. The Unleash the Power program is also available on cd.

Have you ever been to Unleash the Power or are you planning to go? Share your experiences?