What is miso?

Miso is a fairly unprecedented brown (broth) paste from Japanese cuisine. It is obtained by a long lactic acid fermentation in cedar barrels (12 to 18 months) of yellow soybeans, sea salt and usually a grain (rice or barley), and that under the influence of a fungus / fungus (Aspergillus orizae).

Just like cheese, all miso are different. The longer a cheese ripens, the stronger and more unique the taste; this also applies to miso. There are hundreds of species that can differ in taste, texture, aroma and color, depending on the ingredients and ripening times. In Japan, every region has its own misappropriation. The most common miso’s are barley miso (mugimiso) and rice miso (genmaimiso). There is also a young miso with a beige color, also called shiromiso or white miso. Its fermentation takes only 1 to 3 months and the taste is soft and rather sweet.

In Japanese miso is sometimes called ‘the fifth taste’, or umami. This is because miso is not sweet, sour, salty or bitter, but has its own new taste.

How to use miso?

You can use this spice paste to flavor soups, sauces, stews and certain dishes. Miso soup is warming and stimulates the appetite. The Japanese start the day with a bowl of miso soup – it should not always be a sandwich with chocolate! Furthermore, they use miso to flavor foods. Or try it as a sandwich spread: a wafer-thin layer on your sandwich is enough.

You mix part of the cooking liquid with a little miso (you do not need much because it is quite fierce in taste). At the end of the preparation you can add this back. This keeps the nutrients better preserved.

Miso and health

Miso contributes to health and vitality and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora. It is rich in B vitamins, calcium, and iron.

Since miso is fermented, it is therefore good for the digestion.

The best is non-pasteurized miso in which the bacteria are still active; you will find it with the fresh products. Pasteurized miso often lies with dry goods.

Where to buy miso paste?

In the supermarket you will find – if you have succeeded – packages of miso soup, such a powder where you have to add water. But I have not yet seen the real miso. If you have already found it in the supermarket, let us know where (below in the comments). We usually get our organic Miso in the health food store. You can also buy miso online >>

Recipes with miso

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