Soy is a bean and is also a good source of protein.

You have advocates and opponentsĀ of soy. But is it all so black and wthit?

You need very pure forms of soy such as miso, tofu, tempeh and in addition you have processed products containing soya. This latter form is not so good for your health, but they are tasty. And especially useful if you want to make some vegan meals.

Soy contains phyto-estrogen, a female hormone. This is useful for menopausal women who suffer with their own estrogen.

But if you’re going to replace everything with soy, you get that far too much inside. This can cause a build up of fat, the typical female complaints on the abdomen, buttocks and upper arms. This is one visieuze circle because the fat will produce more phytoestrogen and is thereby formed more fat.

The good soy is the pure form. You choose best for organic because most soybean and corn are genetically modified.

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