Lastswab review (from LastObject) – will this replace my disposable swabs?

In this Lastswab review, I’ll tell you more about my experience with the LastSwab I bought and the LastObject company that marketed this product.

Before I start talking about my experience with LastSwab, some background information about LastObject and all the products they have.

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LastObject, the company behind LastSwab

The Danish company was founded a few years ago by the 29-year-old designer Isabel Aagaard. She wanted to offer an alternative to disposable products and the LastSwab was the first product she developed.

The LastSwab was launched via kickstarter and it was an instant success. 30,000 bought it through this crowdfunding campaign. In the meantime, it is also for sale in stores and online shops together with the other products from Lastobject

The values ​​of Loadobject:

  • offer products that make at least 10x more environmental impact
  • Quality and user-friendly products.
  • Sustainable throughout the entire value chain

They want to make products that you and I enjoy using so that it becomes easier to make sustainable choices. In this way they want to contribute to prevent disposable products from ending up in the ocean. You’ve probably seen the photo of the seahorse holding a cotton swab.

In addition, they also find it important to provide a good working environment where employees are happy when performing their job. They find inclusivity, diverse cultures and fair remuneration very important.

LastObject products

LastSwab currently has three products (LastSwab, LastRound and LastTissue) with some variations in model and colors.


LastSwab is a reusable swab that replaces up to 1000 disposable swabs. It is available in multiple colors:

  • turquoise
  • peach
  • blue
  • Red (dark rose)
  • Black
  • green
LastSwab review

In addition to a difference in color, there are also three types of cotton swab:

  • Basic: this one is just like any other cotton swab
  • Beauty: This one has two different sides. One with a round head and the other with a fine point specially made for applying make-up.
  • Baby: specially made for babies and children so that you cannot put the stick too deep in the ear. In addition to the ears, you can also clean the nose and mouth with it and apply ointments.

A refill pack is also available. This includes both a basic and a beauty LastSwab without the box. You can buy this if your current baton has become too old or worn out. But even if you don’t want a storage box and want both the beauty and the basic version right away.

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Disposable paper tissues are often used for a cold or runny nose from an allergy. Discard the tissue after each use. You can also use cloth handkerchiefs that you reuse several times a day and then throw in the wash.

Not everyone is a fan of this because they prefer to use it only once and then take a new one. Then LastTissue comes to the rescue. You use it and can then take a fresh copy. But afterwards you can just put it in the wash.


The tissue is made of organic cotton, which has the advantage over paper that your nose does not open up.

The supplied holder has a compartment for clean tissues and a separate compartment for the used ones. This case is available in 6 colours:

  • turtle green
  • Dolphin turquoise
  • Sea fan red
  • krill peach
  • Penguin black
  • Whale blue

With LastTissu you can save 3100 disposable copies. There are 6 tissues in the case and you can wash them 520 times. After use, you can wash the tissues at 60 degrees and the cover can be put in the dishwasher.

LastTissue Box

If you usually use such a box with tissues, you can replace it with the tissue big box. This contains 18 reusable tissues.

Or directly from LastObject for more choice >> (10% discount)


LastRound is perfect for removing makeup or freshening up your face. You can use these instead of disposable. Make it a little wet and you have a wonderfully soft cloth. After use, you can rinse it under the tap for the next use or put it in the washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius.


With LastRound you have 7 cotton pads of 6 cm diameter in a handy box. This box is made from recycled ocean plastic and available in the same six colors as LastSwab and LastTissue.

The cotton pad itself is made of 70% wood cellulose from North American conifers and 30% short cotton fibers which is not suitable for the textile industry.

You can reuse the LastRound cotton pads up to 1750 times and then you can compost them at home.

If you want to order new cotton pads afterwards, you can. You already have the holder, so you can go for the refill package.

There is also a Pro version that is made to remove nail polish with some product or when using heavier make-up such as lipstick, foundation and mascara. LastRound Pro is completely in black, not only the box, but also the cotton pads.

Or directly from LastObject for more choice >> (10% discount)

LastSwab review

Formerly disposable organic cotton
I previously wrote an article with which reusable cotton swabs are available, but before that I always used disposable ones myself. I had switched to bamboo swabs with organic cotton cups for several years now. That was already a lot better than the plastic swabs with regular cotton that used a lot of chemicals.

Purchase LastSwab

At the time it was a step too far for me to try the reusable variant, but now I was ready. I chose LastSwab as this is the original product and have read about a few fake brands that were cheaper that the ends are coming off. Unfortunately, cheap is often expensive.

LastSwab review

I like that there are several colors available. This way you can not only choose a color that you like, but each of the family can also use their own LastSwab. I personally chose the color peach.

LastSwab vs standard swab

I once held a standard swab next to the LastSwab for comparison and they are identical in length. You won’t notice much difference if you hold them. The only thing that is slightly different is the headline. This one from the LastSwab is a little bit wider because of the nobs that are on it.

LastSwab vs disposable cotton swab


I find the LastSwab very pleasant to use. I expected it to feel a lot harder as other bars have cotton wool which seems a lot softer to me. When I put the Lastswab in my ear, it actually felt just as soft, very comfortable and easy to turn.


It is easy to clean after use. A drop of soap on it and rinse by hand under the water. It will soon be clean and ready for a new use.

Buy LastSwab

LastSwab, and also the other products from LastObject, are available in many places. For example, you can find them affordable compared to the official price on Amazon. In addition to the cotton swab in the box, you can also buy the refill package. LastRound and LastTissues are also available.

You can also buy LastSwap through the LastObject website itself. There you can not only buy the basic products, but also the refill products, the Pro version of LastRound and nice combi packages. You will also receive a 10% discount via my link.

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