Whenever I see sturdy bracelets, I think; ‘Nice, I want one too.’ Unfortunately for me, they are almost always made of leather. No option for me. Then I started wondering if I could not just make it myself. The people who know me a little bit know that I (unfortunately) have two left hands haha. So it was important that the DIY would be super-super-simple.

Anyway, I was looking for some inspiration on Pinterest, and yes, I found and saw very nice things there … that always seemed too difficult for me. I can not handle a sewing machine at all and ‘delicately’ work is not spent on me at all. For some reason, I always get nervous about it.

Fortunately, I found a happy medium 😉

Upcycling for an animal-friendly rugged leather look

Because leather was not an option, but I like the looks, I wondered what looked like it. Rubber – in other words, the inner tubes of a bicycle – meets that perfectly. And you can easily use it. I could quickly put my hand on it because my mother is driving with the racing bike. And she regularly has a flat tire! Not pleasant for her, but ideal for my DIY project 😉

Funnily enough, I had asked her much earlier to keep those inner tubes for me. Only at that time, I didn’t have any idea what exactly I wanted to do with it. Till now … and I suddenly had a big stock to experiment with 😉

How to make a bracelet from the rubber of inner tires

I already had the ‘raw materials’ for my wristband project; now it came down to finding a way to ‘close’ them. And as said: it really had to be a super-simple way for me. At one point my eye fell on my old winter coat with a few additional press fasteners in it. That’s how I came up with the idea to try that. The press fasteners were too big for the bracelet, so I bought this.

You can attach such press fasteners with a special device (which is probably the easiest), but since I wasn’t sure that I would use such a thing more than once, I went for the real home-garden-and-kitchen diy. In other words: a hammer and a portion of brutal violence. Ideal for someone like me haha. And it succeeded!

The result was even so successful that Stijn also wanted to have such a bracelet. So I made a video of that. You can also get started yourself!

Make a bracelet from the inner tires of a bike DIY

Step-by-step plan to make a vegan bracelet yourself

  1. Choose a beautiful and preferably undamaged piece of the inner tube. Of course, you don’t want a bracelet with a hole, and sometimes there is a stamp on it or something. Although you can, of course, use the latter if you like it.
  2. Cut the band lengthwise open. Usually, there are lines (ripples). Follow that line when cutting and you’re cutting right
  3. Wash the inner tube with some water and a little washing-up liquid. Dry thoroughly and then allow to continue drying in the sun or on a heater.
  4. Measure your bracelet by folding the piece of inner tube around your wrist. Cut the excess away but make sure there is a little overlap. An half inch is certainly enough. Mark with a pen where the closure should come.
  5. Using the material attached to with the press fasteners, first, make 2 holes on one side of the strap. Attach one side of the press fasteners with the hammer (or a special device).
  6. Mark where the other side of the press fasteners should be and also attach that side using the hammer. Always be careful of course. You can also use a smaller hammer than you see in the video haha. I found no other.
  7. Voila, your wristband is ready!

Bracelet made from inner tubes - closure

As I said, I used the inner tubes of a racing bike. Logically, these are rather thin tires. If you use the inner tube of a mountain bike, you will get a wider bracelet.

Would you like your bracelet more artistic, then you can, for example, cut figures from the rubber. Or you can make small circles with such a special ‘instrument’. Options enough to make something extra special.

Are you – in contrast to me – a handy person, then you can, of course, do all this with a sewing machine. With it you can then attach pieces of the inner tube to each other and also make a handbag, belt, ….

Do you have other fun and creative ideas yourself? Feel free to share them at the bottom of this article.