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If you visit us, you will, of course, be offered something to drink. We really are that sympathetic, haha. However, whoever likes soft drinks is at the wrong address with us. We only offer coffee, tea, beer (or vegan wine) and tap water.

Please note: it is not the case that I have something against soda by definition. Although I know, just like everyone else, that it can never be healthy to exaggerate. The amounts of sugar in those drinks in really insane! So occasionally I sometimes drink a Tonic, but then mainly outside the house.

Tap water instead of spring water

Anyway: I mainly drink coffee in the morning and I store wine and beer for the later hours. Or usually;) And tea in the evening, just before bedtime. During the day I drink mostly tap water. I stopped buying water in bottles years ago. Not only because tap water is much cheaper, but certainly to save on waste (plastic bottles) and the chance of a hernia (dragging glass containers).

Although the opinions are divided, the quality of tap water here in Belgium is generally not inferior to spring water. Many are not completely comfortable with it and yes; the quality really differs per region. The safety of our drinking water is – to a much higher degree than spring water – thoroughly tested.

In short: tap water is fine for us as a thirst quencher. If you are not completely comfortable with it, you can of course also filter it yourself with a Brita filter or another device.

Either way: sparkling water can sometimes taste good. Especially on hot summer days and with slices of fresh lime and some mint or something. And it is especially nice to be able to offer something more ‘special’for guests. So a while ago we bought a device that you’ve probably heard of already: the SodaStream.

Make your own sparkling water with sodastream review

What is a SodaStream?

A SodaStream is a device with which you can make your own sparkling water and/or soft drink in no time. In the device you must mount a refillable gas bottle with carbon dioxide (CO2), you then fill the supplied PET beverage bottle with – whether or not filtered – tap water. Then press the upper part of the device to squeeze the carbon dioxide into the water. The result: wonderfully sparkling water!

What makes it extra fun is that you can determine how much “bubbles” you want to add to your water. Our device contains, for example, 3 positions (indicated with LED lights) that you can read when operating the device. Position 1 stands for mild sparkling water, position 2 is a bit stronger and when you reach position 3 you already come close to a Perrier. So very bubbly.

Durable and environmentally friendly

It goes without saying that by purchasing such a SodaStream you can save enormously on glass and plastic waste. That really makes a difference if you know that around 1 million plastic bottles per minute (!) are produced and thrown away worldwide. Part of it is – in the best case – recycled, while the rest ends up on the large plastic waste mountain and/or in the sea. The consequences were not overlooked. For that reason alone, the purchase of a SodaStream is a perfect alternative.

Sodastream, co2 cylinder and bottle

In addition, a SodaStream also scores very well in terms of energy consumption. The LED indicators also work on carbon dioxide from the gas bottle. The device, therefore, has no plug and does not consume any power. Although the supplied PET bottle is subject to wear and tear, it can simply be recycled. And as soon as your CO2 bottle is empty, you can return it, you will receive a deposit for a new one and these bottles will also be refilled and reused.

Sodastream CO2 refill cylinder

You can hand in the gas bottles at various stores. Like many electronics stores (which the SodaStream usually also sell).

Soda stream flavors

If you like to add extra flavors, then that’s no problem. Anyway, you can buy syrups everywhere to make your own soda and also SodaStream itself has a range that also contains much less sugar than most other brands. The flavors vary from Cola taste to Tonic and basically everything in between.

syrup flavors for making soda with sodastream

With these syrups, you can easily turn your SodaStream sparkling water into a delicious soda. And although the syrups are naturally sweetened, you can now dose the ‘sweet content’ nicely yourself.

To add a few critical notes to this article: SodaStream also has a range of natural flavors without preservatives or artificial sweeteners. That is, of course, great, although none of those syrups are made from organic ingredients. That “natural” is therefore not entirely clear to us.

There are 2 sugar-free flavors: Lemon lime zero and Orange zero. These are sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame-K. SodaStream has also responded well to Tournée Minérale by offering 3 mocktails: Pink mojito, Bahamas pina colada, and Italian spritz. In addition to these non-alcoholic cocktails and classic flavors, an energy drink is also available.

SodaStream design

The fact is that “not being organic” is about the only comment (or rather hint?;)) that we can blame the SodaStream. Furthermore, the benefits of this device are very close to perfection. So there is nothing to complain about in terms of design either. Of course that is a side issue but on the other hand …it’s nice to have something beautiful on your cupboard.

While some other devices are very handy but look as if a toddler has been allowed to decide on the “look”, the SodaStream is a very clever piece of design art. The model that we have (and will be shown in this article) is already somewhat outdated. There are now countless other designs available in the store. All pearls.

Do you already have a SodaStream or are you considering purchasing one? Let us know for sure at the bottom of this article.

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