One of the things I didn’t make the change to eco-friendly was my razors. I still had disposable razors and it didn’t feel right. But honestly; I didn’t dare to make the change yet. I had already heard of a safety razor but despite the name, I often heard that you had to watch out for cuts.

Finally, I made the decision to buy one at the next vegan fair with a shop with eco-products and I did. I also bought a packet of blades.

What is a safety razor?

A safety razor is a razor with a piece of protection above and below the blade. Making it useful for everybody and not just for a barber. Most safety razors are double-edge, meaning that the blade sticks out on two sides. It does not matter how you hold the blade, you can use it on both sides.

You screw the bottom from the top, put the blade in and place the top on it. Then screw again the bottom. Check my video for a demonstration. Besides a screw system – what I have and you see in the video and photo – you also have safety razors with a butterfly opening. The upper part folds open instead of having to be unscrewed.

Why is a safety razor eco-friendly?

Unlike an electric shaver, you don’t need electricity. Unlike a disposable razor, you can use the handle and the top for life. Some disposable blades do not have to be completely thrown away, but then you still have to replace the entire top and not just the blade itself.

The only thing you have to replace at the safety razor is the blade itself. This handle and upper part are also not made of plastic – which is the case with the disposable – but of a more durable material that you can continue to use.

I notice that more and more people are making the switch because it is no longer tenable with the disposable society.

Review of the safety razor

Like I said, I was a little scared to use it in the beginning. I heard that with such a disposable knife you put quite a bit of pressure to be able to shave, but that you absolutely cannot do that with the safety razor. If you put pressure, the chance of cutting is huge. So you have to let it slide quietly. So I tried very carefully. For me, it took some getting used to since I do everything with rather brutal force 😉 But … I didn’t cut myself.

What was practicing, in the beginning, was to keep the angle on 30 degrees. This ensures the best shaving result and that was something I didn’t pay attention to before. After a few times, this succeeded without thinking too much.

What also struck me immediately was the weight of the safety razor. Such a disposable razor is very light, but this razor is quite heavy. You feel that it is more qualitative and sustainable.

In the meantime, I have been using it for a month and I have only cut myself once. You can use it anywhere on your body where you want. It is recommended to prevent ingrown hairs to shave with the direction of the hair. But I have never actually done this, I am still going in the opposite direction as before. Maybe I should try again.

I am very happy that I finally made the decision to switch from disposable razors to the safety razor. No more plastic contamination and I am also very satisfied with the shaving itself. The latter also depends on which blades you buy to put in it. Those that are more expensive and of better quality will give a much smoother result than cheap blades.

Advantages of the safety razor

  • more eco-friendly than disposable razors or shaving machine
  • cheaper in the long run as you only have to buy new blades
  • can last your entire life
  • you can buy blades of any brand to insert
  • smooth results, especially if you buy a quality blade
  • looks nice and sturdy
  • less chance of irritation
  • less chance of ingrown hairs

With the famous brands of a cartridge razor, where you replace the head, you see more and more blades on one razor. Where the safety razor has only one blade, they often have two, three, five. It’s getting more and more. This would be for a better shaving result but it actually costs a lot of money. Due to these different blades on each other, dirt will soon remain stuck. Your skin will also be irritated faster.

Safety razor for men and women

Sometimes you see on men’s sites “safety razor for men” and on women’s sites “for women”. But this actually makes no sense, the safety razor is unisex and can be used by men and women. A women’s razor does not have to be any different than a men’s razor. A pink safety razor is often labeled as “for women” and a dark “for men”. But just take the color that you like the most. I have a black one because it is fairly neutral and I like it. But if you would like a silver, gold, pink, bamboo, … razor, take that, regardless of whether you are male or female.

Maintenance of the safety razor

I just rinse it and then let it dry. That is the fastest. If you really want top maintenance, you can loosen the blade and put it in alcohol to disinfect and then wipe dry. Your knife will then last longer and you will have to replace it less often. If you don’t want to do that after every turn, you can do that every once in a while.

Vegan shaving brush

If you are a vegan – just like me – then opt for a vegan shaving brush if you would like to use such a brush. The hairs are then synthetic and not badger hair. The latter isn’t animal-friendly because these badgers are often tortured and killed. Pig bristles are also often used.

Vegan and organic shaving cream

If you choose the safety razor for zero-waste reasons, then you probably prefer to choose an organic and vegan shaving cream.

This was my experience with the safety razor. Now I am curious about yours, are you using it or are you considering the purchase? Let me know in a comment at the bottom of this page.