Veganism = difficult?

Veganism has often settled with the “fear of the unknown” syndrome. Meat, fish and dairy have been part of our plate for so long, which makes it very difficult to think them away. Even those who are effective are wondering if it’s all that healthy, because of this “tradition”, often have trouble creating a vegan dish.

The trick is not to let you lead what you can not eat anymore, but on the things you can still place on your plate. And then it suddenly turns out to be incredibly possible. Not to say that you will literally experience new flavors. That empty place on your plate – previously reserved for the steak – will not remains empty. On the contrary.

In addition, you don’t need much (kitchen) material at all. A knife, a cutting board,a salad spinner and a tree to hug are enough 😉

But seriously, it was my own greatest fear of ‘never be able to eat delicious’. However, it was also the driving force to do something about it, and when I look back on it, I’m just delighted with what it brought my taste buds. The purpose is, of course, that I regularly post a recipe so you can experience it by your own. The cannelloni with pumpkin is a great entrant, but there are more. You’ll see.


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