Chocolate covered marshmallows (DIY)

A few years ago we had a vegan webshop (for Belgium and the Netherlands), we tried all kinds of vegan to see if we would put it in the shop. I have completely addicted right away … the Dandies vegan marshmallows!

I used to know this candy mainly from the market and we called it ‘spekjes’, which is Dutch for “little bacon”. Then my mother came home with such a huge bag in all kinds of colors and shapes and could start the party!

Meanwhile, I have learned that the word ‘spekjes’ (bacon) is not even that far-fetched. A marshmallow mainly consists of animal products such as eggs (protein) and gelatin. Certainly, as far as the latter is concerned, those good old sweets do not look so attractive anymore: – /

End of the marshmallow era? Not thanks to these Dandies 🙂

They actually taste identical to the marshmallows I used to eat, with the difference that there is no chocolate (the most scandalously delicious combination) around. So we just do that ourselves … with a little coconut for an extra ‘touch’.

Dandies marshmallows with chocolate and coconut

It is super simple; you melt some chocolate au bain marie with a dash of cream (or water) in a pan. Put the Dandies vegan marshmallows on a stick and wallows through the melted black gold. You can dip them halfway or submerge them … whatever you want. Immediately afterward, take them quickly through a plate with coconut powder.

Dandies vegan marshmallows with chocolate and coconut powder

Put them on a plate and allow to cool down until the chocolate has solidified. You now have in fact ‘mallow pops’ that you, unfortunately, can not stay away from. Sorry!

In that time we only get the classic ones, but now I see there are also Dandies with pumpkin, peppermint and in mini. Which is your favorite?

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