You can find barbecue appliances in all types, shapes, colors and sizes. Freestanding or masonry. However, most are basically the same; a container of heat-resistant material in which you start a fire with combustible material. However, there are also enough options to prepare a delicious snack without too much fire hazard and a lot less CO2. In short: everything for the start of a successful party.

A “green” barbecue

As far as we are concerned, a tasteful choice of colors, but of course that is not what we really mean. A barbecue with charcoal naturally causes a lot of CO2 and it is not always healthy. To minimize that first disadvantage (burning as little as possible), or if possible to eliminate it completely, you can also opt for one of these options:

  • Gas – heats up quickly, no smoke, very user-friendly.
  • Electric – ditto, can also be used indoors.
  • Hybrid grill – works on the same principle as a hybrid car. You switch from gas to infrared and coal/briquettes. Moderation is an asset.
  • Hydro Powered Grill – a barbecue powered by hydropower! Extremely effective and environmentally friendly. Although you can save a lot of energy and fuel, the price tag is quite high.

Big green egg

Big green egg

Eye-catcher and very popular. Thanks to the smart shape, the heat distribution is optimal and the consumption of fuel is minimal. The ceramic housing prevents valuable heat from being lost. Can also be used as a (pizza) oven, grill and smoker. Does not become extremely hot on the outside and can be sealed. Very child safe. Available in different sizes.

Such ceramic grills are called Kamado bbq. There are also other brands.

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Solar barbecue with parabola

solar parabola bbq

Simple but effective! The parabola catches the sun’s rays and converts them into heat via receptors. Advantages: you are not dependent on fuel or an energy network, no CO2 emissions, super environmentally friendly, easily reach 200 ° C, perfect for grilling, stewing or steaming. The disadvantage is that the sun may not be sufficient enough that day. This BBQ is completely made from sustainable material.

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100% natural and FSC certified. This environmentally-friendly barbecue consists of a hollowed-out FSC tree trunk and is filled with charcoal. Good for an average burning time of 2.5 hours and practical and safe to use. With this versatile product, you can bake, grill or smoke in a sustainable and fast way.

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BLACK + BLUM Hot-pot bbq

Black+Blum hotpot bbq

Perhaps the eccentric among the barbecues! This combination of herb garden and barbecue is disguised as a terracotta pot. In reality, it is made of heat-insulating ceramic and stainless steel. Remove the lid and herb garden and discover a super-compact barbecue. Decorative, handy and effective. Only for outdoor use.

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Instant biodegradable grill

Biodegradable grill bbq

It looks like a cardboard box, but it’s a bbq grill. This eco-friendly bbq is made from a cardboard frame, has grill grates from bamboo, lava stone lining, and bamboo charcoal briquettes. You can start cooking in five minutes and bake for an hour.

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Ideal for the camper. You can make a campfire and place the grill over it. You can adjust the height above the fire. You can also rotate it away from the fire when it’s enough baked. You can also buy a contained fire box as an addon. This you can use for places where you can’t start a campfire.

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If you are about to purchase a device, you can also take the size into account (for how many people do I need it?). A barbecue that is too large will only cause lost energy and more CO2. Also important: remember that you have to provide storage space and opt for a durable (unfortunately often more expensive) item that you can enjoy for years.

Burn baby burn!

Do you prefer the “old school way”? No problem. A lot then depends on the type of fuel and preparation materials that you use. Wherever there is smoke, there is of course pollution, so this is mainly about your own health. Although you can also make some difference with your fuel choice. Those who like to burn a lot can use coal, briquettes and different types of wood. You get charcoal by heating wood without burning it. The end result is 90% compressed carbon. Briquettes are made through the same procedure. Only the basic raw material is not wood but another organic material. We list the known ones:

  • Charcoal – Attention, often with chemical additives! The toxic by-products are not only bad for the air, but also for your own lungs.
  • FSC charcoal – Without additives and from FSC-controlled cultivation. Often also fair trade
  • Coconut Briquettes – Odorless, gets well hot and burns quickly and very evenly
  • Olive briquettes – The same, very pleasant scent
  • Dry vines, orangewood – provided they are well dry. Every wood has its own characteristic odor and character.

There are undoubtedly many more variations on the internet. Always check the packaging to ensure that the product is 100% natural. The quality is better anyway.

Can it be faster?

To get things done quickly and effectively, you can use alcohol-based fuel paste. In any case safer than a dash of spirits or, damn better, gasoline. Besides, you don’t want your carefully prepared bites to smell at a gas station, do you?

Completely natural and almost always successful in creating a little draft. For this, there are very handy “pistols” available. A little turning and wind force 10 guaranteed!

Ecological firelighters

If you want to use firelighter blocks, choose the brown-colored version. These are made from environmentally friendly materials such as softwood or vegetable oils. White lighting blocks are made of petroleum.

Which barbecue do you use? Let it know at the bottom of this page in a comment.