From an old flower pot to a design with faux concrete with wall putty

Spring, ideal time to place flowers. I already made the garden ok, so it was time to add some nice colors to the flower pots.

Last year my parents were cleaning up. They had put out old planters which they would put away and then called me if I needed anything before they would take it to the thrift store. Yes, Nice! I immediately went to look and took some of these planters to my home and put plants in them.

But now that it was time to plant new flowers again, I realized that the planters were no longer as beautiful. I wondered if I couldn’t do something nice with it and then I started searching the internet.

I then came across some nice DIYs. Sticking the planter with instant wall filler and then painting over it. It even had a bit of a modern concrete look that you see a lot lately. Wow, that looked nice, I wanted to try that sometimes.

Flower pot faux concrete - instant filler

The nice thing is that you can let flower pots of different colors (which may not fit together) form a whole and after your DIY put them together on your terrace, living room or anywhere. These flower pots fit everywhere 😉

Old flower pots turn to new

Step 1: search for old pots

Maybe you still have old flower pots that you no longer like. Otherwise, there will probably still be some in the garage or home of your family or friends. Not that either, go into the thrift store.

Old flower pot diy

Step 2: wash the pot (s) with water and a little soap. Dry well.

Step 3: Using a putty knife, spatula the wall filler over the circumference of the pot. Go all the way around the pot.

Painting an old flower pot with instant filler for concrete look

Step 4: take a flat paintbrush and apply wall filler to the pieces that you have missed, at the bottom of the pot, the edges and the top. Make sure that everything is covered properly. You will see that it is not smooth, but the structure in it makes it beautiful.

Step 5: Allow drying. When I had done the 2nd large pot, the first small one was almost dry. But I still waited another day to go to the next step, so that the pots are certainly dry enough and the wall-filling has hardened well.

Here you can stop and then you have a white flower pot. If you prefer a concrete look or another color that you like, then continue.

Step 6: Take paint, I have used clay paint for this. Take a paintbrush and paint the entire pot. The color will be slightly darker on the pieces that are more forward (with more wall filler) than on the lower pieces. This gives a nice effect.

You can emphasize the faded a little bit more by dabbing with a piece of toilet paper or sponge.

Tutorial old flower pot design faux concrete

Step 7: Allow drying.

Possibly go over a second time with the paint if you find it a bit too light. Then let it dry again. Thus the pot is ready to be used and filled with beautiful colorful flowers.

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