Whether pasta is vegan is a question that I regularly get and that actually surprises me a bit. I sometimes get the comment that there are pasta dishes on my blog, while I have a vegan blog. So they assume that pasta is not vegan anyway.

Since I have already received the question several times, I thought maybe I should write something about it 😉 So …

Is pasta vegan or not?

I can’t just say “yes” or “no” to this because pasta isn’t always vegan, but it’s also not never vegan either.

The chance that the pasta that you find in dried form in bags or packages is vegan is very high. Often there are even just one or two ingredients on the package, such as spelt flour or durum wheat semolina. Sometimes a dried pasta can contain eggs, so if you are going to try a new brand it is best to check the packaging. Often you even see it on the front of the package. It is a more luxurious pasta that contains eggs. They are proud of it and put a picture of an egg on the front. If you want to be 100% sure, always check the ingredient list.

You better double check fresh pasta. The chance that eggs are processed here is much greater. Sometimes oil is used instead of eggs and that is therefore ok.

Also if you eat at an Italian restaurant, it’s best to ask about whether the pasta they serve contains eggs. Their freshly prepared pasta often contains eggs, especially with tagliatelle.

You can then opt for the standard vegetarian dish with spaghetti instead of tagliatelle if it is vegan. If all their fresh pasta contains eggs, they often have a dried egg-free package that they can cook for you.

Is pasta vegan?

What is in colored pasta?

Pasta is not only available in all shapes and sizes, but also in various colors. Usually, it is white, or light brown if it is whole grain, but you can also get orange, red, green and black pasta.

Most of these are vegan but always check.

Red pasta is often made with tomato or beetroot. Green is often with spinach. What you have to pay extra attention to is the black pasta. This is namely often colored with black ink from the squid. As a vegan, can’t you prepare a special dish with black pasta on the table? Sure, black pasta that vegans can eat is made with black beans.

Short summary: If you use a new brand, be sure to check the packaging. But as a vegan, you can eat pasta in all sorts of shapes, shapes, and colors. So you don’t have to scrape pasta at all.

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