Do you like rosehip tea? You can buy some teabags in the store or online, but you can easily make it yourself.

Since a few years, I have a dogrose in my garden. Now in the winter, it has a lot of rosehips on it. So I want to make my own rosehip tea of it. I’ll show it to you in the video or in text below.

Make rosehip powder for tea

First, pick the berries, wash them an dry it with a towel.

Cut them in half.

Put them on a baking tray and bake it at 100 degrees Celsius for about 1,5-2 hours. Check regularly and feel if it’s already dry. When it’s dry enough let it cool.

Put the rosehips in a coffee grinder or blender – I used the Nutribullet Pro – and grind to a fine powder.

Coffee grinder - grind some rosehips

Now you can use the powder in a tea. Boil some water and do the powder in a teaspoon filter. Pour the water over it.

Make your own rosehip powder for tea

Enjoy your tea. 🙂


Keep the rest of the powder in a sealed container.

This is also nice to give as a gift. Put it in a beautiful jar, make your own sticker on it and maybe decorate with a colorful bow.

Do you like rosehip tea? Do you make it yourself? Let me know in the comments.