The Game Changers is a new documentary about top athletes who are vegan or eat plant-based food. This has been launched in great style on September 16 in various cinemas around the world. In Belgium (where I live) the film was not shown but in the Netherlands (neighboring country).

Unfortunately, we were unable to go then, but I saw in the reactions on the Facebook page of the movie that there was still a little mystery about the follow-up after the big worldwide launch. But what I could tell from it was that it would appear digitally and on DVD.

The Game Changers – worldwide launch also digitally

On October 1, the film became digitally available via iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo and VUDU. It only took a week for The Game Changers to be the best-selling documentary on iTunes.

On October 16th, exactly one month after the launch, the film would be released on Netflix. We had waited a little longer and we saw him yesterday.

James Wilks (former UFC fighter) who was recovering from an injury started to investigate nutrition and sports and recovery. He takes you on his journey of discovery.

My boyfriend expected it to be less scientific but thought it was interesting. He was positively surprised that so many really big names ate vegan. I also thought it was nice to see that totally different disciplines were highlighted. From an ultra-marathon runner, who has to have the endurance and energy to the strongest man, who has to have the strength.

Especially about health and fitness

The film is all about being healthier, fitter and more powerful. Nothing is said about the environmental aspect or animal suffering (my main reason for being vegan). Besides a hunter-on-poachers, who suddenly realized “I am here to protect animals every day and I eat cows at home”. At first, he thought “those cows are not threatened”, but it didn’t feel right anymore and then he stopped eating meat.

On the other hand, I think it’s not bad. Other channels (especially animal rights organizations) highlight the animal suffering. Some people immediately stop eating meat, but others still think, “I need meat to be healthy,” “We are made to eat meat,” “I want to become strong so I need animal protein.” This film invalidates all this with scientific research. And because this is propagated by famous names, this will be accepted more quickly as true.

Men want to eat vegan when they see this

In the docu came a urologist who did research into masculinity and food. Three men first had to eat a burrito with meat (all three slightly different). The amount and strength of their erections were then measured in their sleep. The same thing the next day but then they got a burrito with beans. When they saw the results, their mouth fell open from all three.

Last year I had already seen this doctor in a Dutch TV program. He then advised men to eat vegan.

Turbidity or clarity of your blood

The same experiment was done (eating a burrito with meat vs vegan) but then the blood was tested. The blood after eating the meat was very cloudy, after eating the beans it was very clear. This allows the blood to flow better and bring oxygen to the organs.

After heart problems, doctors often indicate not to eat red meat, but chicken and fish. But this also causes turbidity. The only way to eat to turn those problems is with a plant-based diet.

Go and eat vegan as a group

What I enjoyed seeing was the power of a group. A whole team that went to eat vegan together (because the food of their teammate looked so good) and thus won the final. A group of firefighters who were told that heart failure was the biggest cause of death for firefighters; they eat vegan for a whole week and saw the positive results in their blood.

If Schwarzenegger can do it …

When I saw what Schwarzenegger ate before he started eating vegan, I was shocked. That was not a bit meaty, that was loads of meat several times a day. If he can make the switch to vegan food, then everyone can. It was nice that he said that you don’t have to make the switch in one go, but that you can already try it once a week.

Have you seen the documentary, then I am very curious about what you thought of it, what were your greatest insights. Let me know in a comment at the bottom of this page.

Did you not see it, do you intend to do so, why do you / don’t you?