Finding a complete vegan toothpaste was something I find very hard when I became vegan in 2005. At that time, there wasn’t as often talked about veganism as now. There were few, if any, products on which you could find a vegan logo. The toothpastes that I found at that time were also anything but delicious or pleasant in the mouth (not foamy).

On the other hand, I always liked to try out new brands of toothpaste constantly. Even though they were rarely successful, sooner or later I had to encounter 1 (or more) that I would like.

And yes 😉

Vegan Toothpaste

The ingredient list of toothpaste is unfortunately not as easy to understand as those of foods. For example, the ingredients are often not even in your language, and also if this is the case, it seems almost like a chemistry class. Who really knows what ‘sodium fluoride’ or ‘sodium hydroxide’ is exactly? Not me in any case.

Thanks to an inscription ‘vegan’ or a vegan label, it is fortunately much easier. You see them more and more often. Fortunately 🙂

What is vegan toothpaste exactly?

When we talk about ‘vegan’ toothpaste, the main thing is that the toothpaste (and care products in general) has not been tested on animals. For example, all care products that are produced (and sold) in China are legally tested on animals. Thus: avoid that!

In addition, toothpaste can also effectively contain ingredients of animal origin. Such as:

  • Glycerin (can be animal, but also vegetable)
  • Propolis (made by bees)

As said, you don’t even know what ¾ of the ingredient list means. And certainly not whether it’s plant-based, animal or mainly synthetic/artificial ingredient. However, finding a vegan label on the packaging is so convenient.

Neobio vegan label on thoothpaste

Besides the vegan part, there are still things that I personally find essential when buying toothpaste. Such as:


When I was a child, it was the most normal thing in the world to rinse your mouth with fluorine against tooth decay. What was repeatedly said at that time was that you had to spit it back and certainly not swallow it. At that time I did not think about it of course, but now there are a few alarm bells with such a warning 😉

In small quantities, fluoride would be safe (and indeed prevent tooth decay), but I prefer not to take that risk anyway. Even though you spit it out, through the mucus in your mouth there will always come a part at your body. And since you brush your teeth several times a day, it should of course accumulate. In addition to such mouthwash, I don’t use toothpaste with fluoride anymore.


As with food and clothing, I also choose natural and – if available – organic care products. No mess in or on my body, I always say 🙂

Nice foaming

A foaming toothpaste is certainly not necessary to clean your teeth properly. For me personally, however, it gives a better feeling. I have tried several non-foaming kinds of toothpaste, but frankly, it was never my thing. Of course, that does not necessarily apply to you.

Fresh taste

Some kinds of toothpaste are good enough to clean your teeth, but they don’t give you a fresh breath. I think that’s important. I also find toothpaste with a sweet or fruity flavor awful. Again something purely personal.

For example, I had once read that you can brush your teeth with sodium bicarbonate (a.k.a. baking soda). But to be honest, I didn’t think that was a success, haha. Maybe your teeth are clean but you will not notice it yourself. Most of the toothpaste contains sodium bicarbonate. Partly as ‘whitener’ and partly as an abrasive.

As I said, I have tested whole truckloads of toothpaste over the years. In all familiar smells, colors, and flavors!

The list of vegan toothpastes

Below you will find a list of a good number of vegan toothpastes. And my personal opinion about that of course. At least: as far as I have been able to try them myself 🙂

Another important fact: although the toothpastes in this list are all vegan (so not tested on animals and completely free of animal ingredients), they are not all vegan-certified. In addition to a vegan toothpaste, some brands also have non-animal variants in the assortment.

In other words: always double-checking 😉


Now I bought myself already a lot of toothpastes, but sometimes we also get something sent to us. Like the four brand new Ecodenta toothpastes from the Dutch company Herbapharm for example.

Whether we wanted to receive it and wanted to write something about it? Well, we did not say no to that!

We received two different tastes of organic certified (ecocert) and – naturally – vegan toothpaste. The fact that they are bio-certified is, of course, a real plus. Although we only tested two of the four new ones, you will also find more (general) information about the other two flavors.

Let us start with the experimental and immediately the most original: the pure black (!?) Toothpaste!

Whitening black (fluoride free) → for white teeth

Of the two toothpastes that we get, I was of co, of course, curious about this. This version is in fact based on charcoal and is literally black. Even blacker than I initially expected haha. It looks beautiful and fascinating at any rate.

Ecodenta whitening black - vegan toothpaste charcoal

The joke of this pitch-black toothpaste is that it is, in fact, a ‘whitener’. That effect seems to have the use of charcoal on your teeth. In any case, it is ironic and funny.

When you brush your teeth with this toothpaste, it also looks pretty crazy. Before you know it, a kind of gray foam is running out of your mouth haha. Just like you spit some blood out of a wound in your gums … but gray instead of red 😉

Apart from that effect, this toothpaste is exactly as I like it: nice foaming and afterward a very fresh mouthfeel. In addition to the charcoal, the Withening Black also includes Teavigo; a natural (and patented) extract of green tea that protects your teeth against dental plaque, is anti-bacterial and gives your teeth a long-lasting clean and fresh feeling. Furthermore, it is also fluoride-free.

So I am very fond of this toothpaste. And not only because I love black 😉

Order Ecodenta Whitening black >>

Coconut (fluoride-free) → anti-plaque

This toothpaste contains coconut oil, which, just as with the Withening Black, has a whitening effect on your teeth and also refreshes your breath. Also, it contains zinc salt for an antibacterial effect. These ingredients ensure that plaque will be removed and no (or at least less) new is formed.

Ecodenta natural toothpaste with cocos

Another noteworthy ingredient is xylitol. We also used this natural product in our book No Milky Way as a sugar substitute. I knew that xylitol tastes sweet and – strange but true – has a refreshing effect. That is why you often find it in chewing gum. However, xylitol also prevents tooth decay, gingivitis, and cavities, that’s new to me. The toothpaste contains besides the xylitol also peppermint for extra fresh breath. Another topper of vegan toothpaste.

Order Ecodenta coconut >>

So we did not test the two latest variants ourselves. But at least they sound promising. Still some extra information about this:

Salt (fluoride-free) → for sensitive teeth

This toothpaste contains natural salts and potassium citrate. The salts are anti-bacterial and the potassium citrate provides a protective layer against – among other things – acids of food and too sudden temperature changes in cold or hot food. For people with sensitive teeth. The added aloe vera has a soothing effect on irritated gums. This toothpaste also contains peppermint for the fresh taste and is fluoride-free

Order Ecodenta salt >>

Papaya (with fluoride) → for whiter teeth

Again a toothpaste with ‘whitening’ properties. This time on the basis of papaya extract (fermentation from papaya fruit). Dental plaque is removed from your teeth and the natural whiteness of your teeth is restored. Also in this toothpaste is xylitol against tooth decay and a fresh breath. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) The only toothpaste from the Ecodenta range that contains fluoride.

Order Ecodenta papaya >>


This was the toothpaste I had in use just before I tried Ecodenta. I bought it because there is a vegan label on it. I think he is more than ok and would certainly dare to take it again, but personally, it may be a bit fresher regarding mouthfeel. What is the case at Ecodenta. Furthermore, he meets all conditions such as vegan, free of animal testing, organic, et cetera.

Order Neobio toothpaste >>

Neobio organic vegan and natural toothpaste


Kingfisher has different flavors (see list below) of which I have only used those with mint (and fluoride-free) to date. They are all vegan and based on only natural ingredients. As far as you can rely on one variant, my judgment is: good, but not great.

Kingfisher vegan toothpaste

All Kingfisher flavors:

  • Aloe vera, Tea tree, mint (fluoride-free)
  • Mint (fluoride-free)
  • Mint (with fluorine)
  • Aloe vera, tea tree, fennel (fluoride-free)
  • Fennel (fluoride-free)
  • Fennel (with fluorine)
  • Baking soda (fluoride-free)
  • Strawberry – for children (fluoride-free)

Order Kingfisher toothpaste >>

Go & Home

Taste: Herbal mint

Go&home vegan toothpaste

I have used this several times and am very satisfied with it. It is a compact and handy (and colorful) tube with a cap that sticks to the tube (instead of being able to unscrew it completely). For someone like myself, who loses such a cap differently every time, a blessing 😉

This ‘Herbal Mint’ toothpaste is free of fluoride, organic and with added aloe vera. Go & Home also has many other care products such as body lotions, shower and styling gel, and shampoos. All vegan and with natural ingredients.

Order Go & Home toothpaste >>

Himalaya Herbals

I bought the Himalaya Herbals toothpaste with neem and pomegranate at the health food store. Honestly, I did that mainly because of the lovely packaging, but luckily I was also satisfied with the toothpaste itself! They are vegan, organic and fluoride-free.

himalaya herbals - organic toothpaste

Pomegranate provides healthy gums and is also a strong antioxidant. I had already heard something about an ingredient like neem in a movie by David Wolfe. In particular, that neem would be very good for the teeth and that, therefore, has been chewed since time immemorial. A natural tooth cleaner. Definitely worth a try.

Himalaya herbals mint fresh

Himalaya Herbals is available in the flavors:

  • Neem & pomegranate: order >
  • Sparkly white
  • Mint fresh: order >
  • Sensi relief
  • ‘Complete Care’ herbs
  • ‘Stain-away’ herbs
  • Active white fresh gel

Green people

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried this myself yet. The (most) toothpastes of Green People are equipped with the Vegan label and are “vegetarian Society approved”. They also have the Cruelty free label. Note: there is also one toothpaste with propolis. So not vegan.

The other (vegan) flavors of Green People toothpaste are:


Logona is a German brand and produces natural cosmetic products. Their toothpastes have a vegan label and were not tested on animals either.
Order Logona toothpaste >>


Sante also makes natural cosmetic products. They are also free from animal testing, but they are not all vegan. Plus: some flavors are enriched with B12.

The vegan flavors of Sante are:

  • Dental gel sensitive enriched with B12
  • Toothpaste enriched with B12: order >
  • Mint: order >
  • Mint with fluoride


Organic, not tested on animals and a vegan label; Urtekram sounds perfect but is unfortunately not my personal favorite. Mainly because they contain chalk and polish this rather ‘dry’ (read: low foaming). Although I add immediately that I have only tried the Eucalyptus.

Urtekram eucalyptus - vegan organic toothpaste

If you think ‘little foaming’ is a plus anyway, then you can choose from the following flavors:

  • Aloe vera (fluoride-free)
  • Tea Tree – extra disinfectant (fluoride-free)
  • Mint and green tea (fluoride-free)
  • Mint (fluoride)
  • Eucalyptus (fluoride-free)

Order Urtekram toothpaste >>

Dr. Bronner

You might already know this brand from the soap that – according to the inscription – can be used for 18 (18?!) different applications: so apart from being a shower soap as a shaving cream, bath foam, detergent, washing-up liquid, mouthwash and … yes … as toothpaste. They also have a separate toothpaste 🙂 I haven’t tried any of their toothpaste myself.

Dr. Bronner certainly makes products without fluoride, artificial flavorings, sweeteners or colorings and are (for the most part) organic. They are also not tested on animals and are – except for a lip balm with beeswax – also vegan. Oh yes, and fluoride-free!

In short: try it out 🙂

The Dr. Bronner toothpastes are available in the flavors:

  • Cinnamon (cinnamon)
  • Peppermint
  • Anise

Order Dr. Bronner toothpaste >>


This is a ‘special’ among toothpastes. Well, actually you can not speak of a ‘pasta’. This product is a hard block in a box where you have to rub over with a moistened toothbrush until foam remains on the brush. I have not tried it yet, but I will definitely do this in the future. Especially because the little packaging aspect appeals to me.

Lamazuna toothpaste


Other vegan toothpastes

What I can conclude from other reactions to this product is that it doesn’t foam very much, contrary to what the manufacturer and the packaging mentioned. But first, try it.


Lamazuna is available in the flavors:

  • Peppermint: order >
  • Cinnamon
  • Sage lemon

Finally, more brands that I have not tried yet, but have vegan toothpastes in the assortment:


  • Calendula (fluoride-free) → healthy oral cavity and repair of wounds
  • Saline (fluoride-free) → against tartar
  • Ratanhia (fluoride-free) → for stronger gums
  • Plant gel toothpaste (fluoride-free)
  • Gum balm (with fluorine)
  • Child toothgel

Order Weleda toothpaste >>

The Humble

  • Charcoal (with fluoride)
  • Fresh mint (with fluoride)

Hello toothpaste: Info & order >>

Black magic: Info & order >>

Cali White: Info & order >>

Redmond Earthpaste: Info & order >>

Always bright: Info & order >>

Davids natural toothpaste: Info & order >>

Cocosmile: Info & order >>

Kiss my face: Info & order >>

Nature’s gate natural: Info & order >>

Sudanta: Info & order >>

My magic mud: Info & order >>

The natural dentist: Info & order >>

Oral essentials fresh breath: Info & order >>

Dr. Brite: Info & order >>

Green natural: Info & order >>

So, this is a lot to choose from haha. Of course, it is mainly about what you personally expect from toothpaste regarding taste, mouthfeel, and function (for example whiter teeth, for sensitive teeth, etc.). There is something for everyone.

If I have forgotten brands (and that will be best), please mention them at the bottom of the article. In any case, I wonder what you have tried and how you experienced it and what your favarotite vegan toothpaste is. 🙂