In the gynecologist chair under hypnosis with VR glasses on; does that seem like a funny idea to you? I just experienced it 😉

But first, how I got there …

A few months ago, I went to a gynecologist for the first time in my life to have a hormone-free copper IUD. The gynecologist was too careful because instead of saying ‘you can do it,’ she said ‘well-tried, but it doesn’t work, you can’t relax enough.’ I don’t understand how anyone can relax with such treatment.

She told me that I would have to be under general anesthesia, but I didn’t like that. There are always risks involved with it. I asked if it could not be done under hypnosis, but she looked at me a little oddly.

I once saw a documentary on Dutch TV where they performed an operation under hypnosis, so I knew it was possible. I expected that it would only be possible in the Netherlands, but I found two hospitals where they work with hypnosis: Antwerp and Liège. Now my French is terrible, so it became Antwerp.

Hypnosis in the hospital

I first inquired, and after the gynecology department contacted the anesthesiologist (who also does hypnosis), they let me know that it was possible and I made an appointment.

I was very nervous about leaving the hospital.

I got there, and I had to be on the other side and at the top. I found the way easy but it was a bit of a wander through the corridors, and I thought that was a bit creepy.

Waiting and many people increase the stress

First, I had to take a ticket to register. There were a lot of people in the waiting room. After a while I could register, now it turned out that I should have registered downstairs first because it was the first time I got there, but I didn’t know that. All those things gave extra tension.

Because I was so nervous, I went to the toilet several times and then I could escape from the crowd. It also ran seriously in time, so that the tension was only built up.

Finally, my name was called. First, the doctor asked me all kinds of intake questions that she entered into the computer system. In the meantime, she also called the anesthesiologist who would perform the hypnosis that she could come by. A smear had also been taken the previous time. I had heard nothing about it, so that would be fine, but just to be sure, I asked, and everything was fine.

VR glasses in the hospital for relaxation

Fortunately, I was allowed to wear most of my clothing, which would not make it even more uncomfortable. The anesthesiologist told me it was going to happen under hypnosis. And then she opened a box – I hadn’t seen that coming – she took out VR glasses. I would see images and hear sounds that would make me more relaxed. The anesthetist would talk to me and the gynecologist would not, and if necessary, I could tell her things. She also gave her hand that I could hold and where I could pinch hard when needed.

Away from reality

When she put on my glasses, it gave me a bizarre feeling. Afraid to panic because I no longer had control of reality and had to let myself go in the virtual. But then I just let it happen. In the meantime, the first images appeared on the screen. I saw water and heard some noises.

Take and get the time to relax

At first, I didn’t quite understand what was going to happen or was already happening.

In the meantime, the gynecologist did nothing. The intention was that I would first relax. They also said that I had the time for that. That was a big difference with the previous gynecologist. There it was very quickly that it would not work because I was not relaxed enough.

It already gave me a calm feeling that I didn’t have to force anything and that I would get the time.

I suddenly saw that there was a transparent person in the water in the image. Then I realized something was happening. I also heard a voice saying that I should relax and breathe to the rhythm. The feet of the person turned red and then the legs. So it was intended that you relax those parts of your body.

I was still scared, and they realized that. They also said that they would wait a little longer with the treatment until I was more relaxed.

The person colored more and more red, and it started to work better and better to relax me and to slow down my breathing to the rhythm of the VR image.

Breathing together with the whale

The person suddenly disappeared, and I ended up in a different environment. I was underwater. When I looked down, I saw a control panel of the submarine I was sitting in, and when I looked in front, I saw fish swimming and the tail of a whale. The tail of the whale went up and down and I had to follow that with my breathing in order to breathe more calmly.

Then my body also started to relax, and they could start treatment.

I noticed the difference with the last time. Then I started to get scared and start crying from the smallest things that were happening to me.

No emotional pain

It’s not that I didn’t feel anything this time. At a certain moment, it also hurt, and I screamed. Afterward, the gynecologist said that she should have wrung. Because I was more relaxed, the pain came through much less. The pain was more physical and less emotional.

It was pretty strange, the difference between the body undergoing treatment and the mind that’s looking at a whale underwater 😉

Now they said ‘you are doing well’, ‘just keep it up’, ‘you can do it’ and they stimulated. Last time ‘tried well, but you can’t’ made me feel that I had failed.

It had all gone well, but afterward, I felt a little strange in my head and my body. So I sat quietly before I left home.

The evening and days after

They said I had to take a painkiller afterward and I did. That evening I had quite a bit of pain, and I didn’t go ou or go for a walk, because it was difficult. Also the next day I still had quite a bit of pain. I started working, but after a while, I went to rest. But in the evening it went better and then I went out to eat and drink something, and that was very nice.

The following days I still had occasional cramps and a strange feeling in my stomach, but not extremely hard. I also had a little longer blood loss. How it will be the following months in terms of blood loss is still to be seen, and I will talk about that in another blog post.

Overcoming fear with VR glasses and medical hypnosis

In the medical field, I am terrified, and I had to overcome my fears to undergo it. The VR glasses and medical hypnosis helped enormously in this.

What I am going to do anyway is to see how I can do some more relaxation practicing daily to bring me into a quieter, more relaxed state generally. In the medical field, I will definitely opt for hypnosis and VR glasses again next time.

I think that with a different type of hypnosis it can be completely painless because I have already seen videos of operations, but it may take a little more time.

More and more hospitals use VR glasses

When I searched for hospitals with hypnosis, I came across only two in Belgium. But when I started looking up about the VR glasses, I noticed that more and more hospitals are using this. They will find that this is an excellent way to let patients unwind for treatment. This is a very good development that people are going to look more at what is possible with the mind and not to have to be immediately anesthetized. So instead of anesthesia or with a local anesthetic and hypnosis.

The VR glasses that I had are from the company Oncomfort. The VR glasses are used among other things in childbirth, in treatments for children, in operations with local anesthesia. In addition to this underwater world, there are a few other programs that can be played.

I hope that this experience that I share will help you. Then let me know. Perhaps you are so scared of hospitals and everything in the medical field, and then this could also help you if you had to undergo treatment.

If you have had such an experience with medical hypnosis and / or VR glasses, I would like to hear how it went with you. Would be great if you too would leave your experience in a comment at the bottom of this page.