Air fryer vs oven – what are the differences?

Airfryer vs an oven, what are the differences and similarities? Which of the two should you have at home and for whom is which most suitable.

Air fryer vs oven similarities

An air fryer is usually used to replace a deep fryer, and however, you can also use it as an alternative to an oven. Some people don’t have an oven and make everything in the air fryer.

You can bake food in an oven, just like in an air fryer. There are different types of ovens. The standard ovens have top and bottom heat, but you increasingly see convection ovens in the kitchen.

A convection oven allows the hot air to flow through the oven through a fan. In addition to top and bottom heat, you can also opt for the convection oven setting with hot air for ovens with different settings. That is the one indicated by an icon of a fan.

And with the air fryer, hot air is also sent through the device to prepare the food.

Air fryer vs oven differences

An air fryer, therefore partly does the same as a convection oven, but there are also differences.

For example, the space of an air fryer is a lot smaller compared to an oven. This has the disadvantage that you can prepare less in terms of quantity than in an oven. A large pizza of baguettes is easy in the oven, but you have to cut it into pieces to get it in the air fryer.

If you have a large family or visitors to come, it can be useful to slide several baking trays into the oven to prepare a whole lot in one go.

But that smaller space also has many advantages. This allows the air to circulate faster so that the food is cooked faster. The space also heats up faster, and your food will start baking immediately (preheat for max. 2 minutes, often not). With the oven, it takes a lot longer because preheating often takes 10-15 minutes. Then you can eat in it.

If moisture is released in the oven (it can be added fat or moisture from your ingredients), it will remain in the dish or on the baking tray. With the air fryer, the excess moisture will be drained through the holes in the basket to the container below.

This also makes your food crispier in the air fryer. Fries and certainly sweet potato fries often dare to come soggy out of the oven. When you take them out of the air fryer, you have a nice bite because they are more crispy.

Pros and cons

Air fryer

  • Crispier
  • Done faster
  • Do not preheat
  • Small amounts
  • Large dishes do not fit in it
  • Cannot be built-in


  • Baking a lot at the same time
  • All dishes fit in it
  • Can be built-in
  • Preheat
  • Takes longer
  • Some dishes are soggy

Air fryer vs oven conclusion

We have always used the oven often, and the air fryer was initially a replacement for the deep fryer and not so much for the oven. However, it appears that we now regularly use it as an oven replacement. You don’t have to preheat the air fryer, and preparations are ready a lot faster. We will not throw the oven out entirely because we still find a baguette, huge oven dish, or pizza handy in the oven. Both have their pros and cons and can complement each other.

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