Those who nowadays sniff around on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest increasingly encounter true pieces of art made of all possible wood residues, old pallets and scaffolding wood. The upcycling trend is surging around and that is, of course, an excellent thing. Many creative hobbyists and entrepreneurs place ‘waste’ in a completely new context in this way and make the most amazing things with it, ranging from flower boxes, cupboards and garden, dining, and coffee tables to shoe racks, trays and complete shop fittings! A number of upcycling miracles are shown here for you.

DIY specialist

Pablo Enrique Banuelos is a creative centipede and a lover of the do-it-yourself principle. On his blog he shows you the craziest projects with all kinds of materials. A nice example in the context of this special is this garden bar and matching bar chairs from discarded pallets. Say it yourself; Who does not want this in his garden? You can review the entire realization of this special piece of workmanship on his blog.

Outside bar in pallets

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Studio of pallets

Jeroen Nieuwhuis and Erik Journée opened their own photography and film studio a few years ago. In determining the design and appearance, people soon came up with the idea of having pallets in the interior. That idea resulted in almost 50 pallets on the wall, as a table and as lounge sofas.

The result, as you can see, is simply amazing. Such a workplace will inspire every photographer to look forward to a new shoot!

photostudio with pallets
photostudio with pallets

Vertical gardening with pallets

Vertical gardening is an excellent option for small (city) gardens, although you do not have to leave it at all. And of course, upcycling of old materials lends itself perfectly to an incredibly beautiful garden. The photo on the right (Stacy K Floral, NY) shows you an impression of the view. Or what difference a few old pallets and a lick of natural paint can make.

Vertical gardening with pallets

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Do-it-yourself pallet!

Would you like to work with wood pallets yourself? Then the website might be something for you. Besides the necessary inspiration, you can also immediately upload your own (future) projects.

From a hobby to a business

Emilie Costis from Toulouse started designing all sorts of furniture during her pregnancy and transforming everyday things into atmospheric decorations. After all, she wanted her eyeball to be surrounded by beautiful things. Many years later, that hobby has grown into a creative company that designs entire children’s rooms and, in consultation, takes care of your home. And of course, upcycling and sustainability are the core of the business. Each piece of furniture is made by hand (and with love) by her husband Jocelyn. More info:

Furniture for children made with pallet

Do you have any nice ideas with pallets?