Easy guacamole dip recipe (vegan)

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Guacamole is a typical Mexican (dip)sauce. It’s one of my favorite late night snacks with a chili tortilla chips. Or I use the vegan guacamole at lunch on a tortilla with lots of other vegetables, you roll it up and have an ideal lunch. You also can use it with Mexican dishes.

How to eat guacamole?

  • With tortilla chips
  • On a wrap with other vegetables
  • With a Mexican dish
  • With raw pieces of vegetables
  • On a cracker

It’s very simple to make, it’s also quick. So, if you are getting hungry or get cravings, you can make the guacamole and have a quick bite. 🙂

Guacamole recipe

A few tips for making vegan guacamole

  • It’s very important that you take a ripe avocado and not one that’s overripe or not ripe enough. Because it will change the whole taste. It will make guacamole fantastic or very terrible. I prefer organic ones.
  • Mostly I use lime for making guacamole. But when I don’t have limes at home I take a lemon. Also good, but the best guacamole is with lime 🙂
  • I use a dash of soy cream in it, but you can also take other plant-based creams like oat cream, rice cream,… or don’t use a cream at all.
  • For making the vegan guacamole I use a fork and not a mixer or blender. I don’t like smooth guacamole. I love that there are still some pieces in it. Chunky guacamole is the best.
  • You can make it to your taste, take more or less lime juice, cream, salt, and pepper.

How to keep guacamole from turning brown?

Keep the avocado pit. When the avocado is ready, you can place the pit in it. It will ensure you to stay longer fresh, the color will stay fresh green. If you don’t use the pit, the guacamole will quickly change to a brown color. This is caused by the oxygen that comes in contact with avocado. Using the pit is a very simple but efficient way to keep the freshness, also put it in a closed container. Guacamole is always at it’s best when you eat it just after you make it.

Vegan guacamole recipe

Easy guacamole dip recipe (vegan)

Easy guacamole recipe vegan


  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 slice of an onion (cut in little pieces)
  • 1 dash soy cream or other plant based cream
  • Lime (or lemon)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Pepper, freshly ground (to taste)


  1. Cut the avocado in half. Take a spoon and put the flesh in a bowl.
  2. Crush the avocado with a fork. Add the pieces onion.
  3. Add a dash of soy cream.
  4. Cut off a piece of the lime or lemon and squeeze on it so you have some juice.
  5. Add the salt and pepper.
  6. Taste it and optional you can add more cream, lime or spices to it.


You can also add some pieces of tomato in it, or chili pepper, garlic, chopped coriander leaves.

Do you like the recipe, did you also make guacamole by yourself, do you add extra things to it? Let me know!

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