Vegan cashew ricotta cheese – how to make it

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There are those things that you as a vegan and (former) cheese lover have cravings for and ricotta is one of my own. For those who don’t know (anymore): ricotta is a soft, fresh and spreadable cheese with a slightly sweet taste. And the big advantage is that it fits a lot of dishes. Going from warm preparations to salads. Ricotta does very well even in desserts.

Just yet purely informative: ricotta is technically not a ‘real’ cheese. It’s more of a residual product that arises from the milk whey that is left over when making other cheeses (including mozzarella), to boil again and then to drain. Totally different than other cheese preparations.

But yeah … what would it be … we don’t eat it! 😉

So let’s go to the vegan version of this cheese! It is very easy to make.

Like often is the case with vegan cheese, the base is cashew nuts. This vegan ricotta recipe is with tofu. Silk tofu to be precise! It gives exactly the right soft velvet touch to this delicacy.

OK, I admit, this recipe is absolutely not allergen-free. Are you allergic to nuts or soya or both? Then, unfortunately, you can already stop reading. Although I have good hope that I will find an allergen-free alternative.

Or if you already know one, you can of course also let me know 😉

Anyway: with this recipe, you make an excellent vegan ‘ricotta style’ cheese. And just like ‘the real stuff’ you can enjoy it (tasty raw vegetables in dips or on your cracker) or use it as an ingredient in dishes. Since ricotta is an Italian cheese, it makes sense that it fits perfectly with typical dishes from that country. Like these stuffed pasta shells with spinach and tomato sauce for example.

That is a straightforward classic that you no longer have to miss as a vegan. Just make it yourself. Including Ricotta!

Oh yes: a real must-have ingredient for this ricotta is nutritional yeast flakes. You can also make it without it, and the result is still quite tasty, but still … for the ‘cheesy flavor’ you definitely need them. In short: check your local health food store. And if they did not have any nutritional yeast flakes in the assortment … just keep on nagging until they tack over 😉or order nutritional yeast online >>

Vegan cashew ricotta

Vegan cashew ricotta cheese

Vegan cashew ricotta recipe

Extra material: a solid food processor (or a very good, sturdy stick mixer).


  • 200 grams cashew (at least 1/2 hour soaked in water)
  • 200 grams silken tofu
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil (melted)
  • 1 medium lemon (Use the juice)
  • 0,25 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp nutritional yeast


  1. Pour the soaked cashew nuts and rinse them with fresh water. Put them in the blender or food processor and mix to a smooth paste.
  2. Add all the other ingredients and mix again as smoothly as possible. Ready!

You see; vegan cheese is even easier to make than real cheese. And all without animal suffering. Well, well, well.

I would say: try out the previously mentioned recipe (pasta with spinach and ricotta). Or let your imagination run free!

Tested a recipe? Be sure to share your opinion at the bottom of this article. Or let us know other vegan ricotta ideas!

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