With this short blog post, I want to show you a number of real-life examples of sporting vegans that you can also grow some muscles on a plant-based diet. You do not have to be weak at all like most carnivores sometimes dare to claim!

The following five exemplary vegans are doing especially well in terms of fitness with their plant-based diet. They also inspire me daily with their motivating and above all inspiring message.

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Torre Washington

Torre has a body that even the most seasoned bodybuilders would envy. He was raised vegetarian by his mother and then, after a short period during his teenage years being omnivorous, in 1998 he switched to a vegan diet. Since 2009 he is a successful professional bodybuilder and he still gets all his protein needs from soya, nuts, seeds, and vegetables! And to make it even better, he never uses sports supplements!

Frank Medrano

Frank Medrano shows that you do not need meat and even (almost) no material to keep your body fit and healthy. He became known by placing videos of his workouts on YouTube. His most-watched video now counts more than 38.5 million views! On his website, he says that he does use nutritional supplements such as protein powders and he has already launched his own brand of vegetable nutritional supplements on the market! And even a Frank Medrano Signature Series Chrome EQualizer® XL by Lebert Fitness.

Patrik Baboumian

Patrik Baboumian won the competition for the strongest man in Germany in 2011 and showed in this way to the fitness world that it can also be done in a different way. You can safely say that he is almost as wide as a gorilla! Now say again that you can not build muscle mass on a vegan diet 😉

Vanessa Espinoza

The female vegans can also go for it! Vanessa Espinoza is a vegan bodybuilder, trainer, and boxer and has more muscles than most men can dream of!

Jon Venus

Jon Venus is a bodybuilder and personal trainer who is best known for his successful YouTube channel. Here he disseminates information about fitness, nutrition and his vegan lifestyle in an entertaining way!

And as a vegan fitness fan, I had to mention myself here as well 😉
My girlfriend and I also do well on a vegan diet as you can see. Proteins on surplus even!

grow muscles with a vegan diet - Tom and Jill

So you see again that a vegan diet doesn’t have to stand in the way of your active lifestyle or your possible bodybuilder aspirations! It’s perfectly possible to don’t hurt the animals and the environment for this and maybe your health will benefit too!

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