Growing radishes in containers

If there is one vegetable that is easy to grow, then it is radishes. Even if you have two left gardening gloves, you will succeed πŸ˜‰ You have little work to do, and they grow quickly.

Radishes in container

How to grow radishes in containers?

So you don’t have to sacrifice a piece of your garden for radishes. You can put it between your border or even more convenient in containers. Containers that you hang up, pots on the windowsill, standing pots, … Gardening in containers is a whole trend and isΒ easy because you can even do that if you live in the city.

Radish in pots

Growing radishes is the ultimate children’s activity

No, no child labor πŸ˜‰ but an excellent activity to do together with your children. This way they immediately learn in a very simple way where their vegetables come from.

growing radishes

How do you sow the seeds of the radish?

Take a container and fill it with organic potting soil. You then take a seed and push it slightly (about 0.5 cm) into the soil. Instead of putting one by one into the ground – which does take some time because the seeds are so so small – you can also sow them. Make sure the seeds are covered with a layer of soil. If you sow – when the sprouts come out – you have to thin the plants because otherwise, they are too close together. They have to be about 3-4 cm apart. Regularly give water and don’t put the container in full wind, in a sunny spot.

When sowing?

Outdoor sowing is possible from March to September. Under glass is possible from February.

Elke Radish harvest

How do you harvest radishes?

As soon as you see the radishes appear above the earth, you can harvest them. That is already a month after planting. The pink bulb, the root is usually eaten, but actually, every part is edible, also the leaves. The smaller the radishes are, the spicier. If you let them stand longer and the ball gets bigger, they become softer. You can just pull them out of the ground very easily.

Harvest radishes

Store seed and radish flowers

I always enjoy growing plants to see what kind of flowers are coming.

After the flowers,Β  you’ll get the seed. They are also edible and tastes just like the radish. I’m curious.

Radishes flowers growing

You can also store this seed to grow radishes again (next year). Let them dry and store them in a dark place.

Radishes flowers growing

Use radishes in the kitchen

I had allowed these radishes to grow to see the flowers, but I still used them in the kitchen. I only cut off the little tail at the bottom and processed everything else in soup.

You can also eat radishes with a dip or with a salad.

Radishes in the kitchen washing

Do you often eat radishes? Do you breed them yourself? Let me know below in the comments.

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