No egg – vegan egg replacer of Orgran

The use of eggs in the kitchen is, in my opinion, heavily overrated. To the extent that I wonder if we haven’t become accustomed to using them everywhere, without it having any added value.

I mean: you can also prepare a pancake without eggs and nobody will taste the difference. My conclusion is that their excessive use is just a justification for continuing massive egg production. And as we all know now, the production process does not completely follow the laws of animal welfare (to put it mildly).

However, in some cases, the clotting properties of eggs may be of use. For example, I think of meringues.

For such cases, there is, fortunately, this 100% vegetable egg replacement with the more than brilliant name: No Egg.

No egg: Gluten-free, free of cholesterol, lactose and – surprise – eggs!

No Egg (from the Orgran brand) is a white powder that you might have a frowned look at customs or if it is not really your day, an … investigation. Doesn’t mean that it is otherwise harmless and you can do fantastic things with it, like making meringue, cake,… If you have a recipe for baking for example, you can substitute the eggs with No Egg.

You can’t use it for making scrambled eggs, omelet,…

Besides free of eggs, No Egg is GMO-free, kosher, soy free, wheat free and gluten free.

How do you use the egg replacer No Egg?

The use is simple and No Egg has the following proportions: 1 egg = 1 tsp No Egg and 2 tbsp liquid (in my case soy milk). The equivalent of 3 egg whites = 2 tsp No Egg and 1 tbsp liquid.

A box of 200 grams contains about ’66 eggs’ and you can buy it at the better health food store. The average ‘holocaust chicken’ will be very grateful to you!

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