How to make tofu taste really good?

Regarding structure and – to a lesser extent – appearance, tofu is most similar to a soft cheese. It feels slightly spongy and absorbs a lot of moisture.

Many years ago (and probably still) the novice vegetarian or vegan was usually quickly confronted with tofu, being the ideal meat substitute. There will likely be a lot of people walking around who remember their first bite of tofu, and in that review, they are not immediately overwhelmed by feelings of nostalgia. Not to mention a culinary orgasm.

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Tofu in itself tastes like nothing at all. But that will change quickly if you know what to do.

Tofu is like a sponge.

If food can absorb water, it also means that it can absorb other liquids. If those liquids – in contrast to water – also have a taste, it suddenly offers a lot of perspectives. You then have, as it were, a basic ingredient that you can use in all directions. Simply by marinating the tofu in advance, or providing enough seasonings during cooking. You can use a marinade with soy sauce, red vegan wine, with beer, with oil and a lot of herbs,… You can try different things.

What we use a lot is a marinade of seaweed. Make a vegetable broth with seaweed in it, put the tofu in here and your tofu will taste like fish ūüôā

The trick for a good taste for your tofu:

  • Marinate it for a long time, not just an hour. Marinate it at least overnight, a day, or two is even better for the taste.
  • The smaller the pieces tofu, the more taste the tofu will get. Do you want to use a big piece of tofu, then marinate it longer.
  • The taste of the marinade itself may be a bit too hard.
  • Shake the bowl (with tofu and marinade)¬†regularly.

Different ways to cook firm tofu

Moreover, you can prepare tofu in various ways, and it is effortless to process. A block of traditional firm tofu can be cut into any desired shape (cubes, bars, half-moons or parts of the Sistine Chapel). You can choose to bake the tofu, grill, wok, fry, …

Another thing you can do is cut the tofu with a fork for a scrambled tofu. For an egg-like taste, you can use Kala namak.

Often you can buy tofu pre-packaged in the store. Even tofu that is already smoked or fried.

How to prepare silken tofu?

Besides, you also have the so-called soft or silky (silken) tofu. It is somewhere between solid and liquid and can be excellently processed in, for example, smoothies or use as an alternative to cheesecake. Just to mention something.

Recipes with tofu

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