Philips Air fryer XXL HD9650 review

If you are looking for an air fryer, you could go for the Philips Air fryer XXL HD9650. Below, in this review, you will find more information to get a complete picture of this air fryer.

What’s in the box of the Philips Air fryer XXL?

In addition to the Philips Air fryer XXL HD9650/90, which is of course included in the box, a manual is included. In this manual you can read exactly how the air fryer works and what you can do with it. In addition, a recipe booklet is included with this air fryer. This way you can get some inspiration for possible dishes that you can prepare.


No accessories are included in the standard box. If you choose this box, you can also order an accessory set separately, including a cooking rack, baking pan and grill plate. If you buy it, you have more options with the air fryer.

You can also buy the air fryer with all the accessories you want with it. This is how you can buy it in the version:

  • Baking pan (HD9653/90): with this you can prepare cake, quiche, bread, baking or risotto, lasangna,…
  • Grill plate (HD9654/90): for grilling burgers or vegetables
  • Grill grid (HD9651/90): with the grill grid you can put an extra layer of ingredients in your air fryer
  • Pizza set: This plate with holes is ideal if you like to make pizza. It can be used for homemade version pizza as well as frozen pizza.
  • Snack kit: The snack kit ensures that lighter snacks do not fly through your entire air fryer. Handy if you like to make (vegetable) chips. In addition to the higher rack, it also includes gripping pliers.
  • Pan divider (HD9652/90): With this you can divide the basket in two. This is very useful if you want to prepare a full meal in one go. This way the potatoes can stay on one side and the vegetables on the other side without affecting the taste.
  • In addition, you can of course purchase a number of accessories separately that you can use with this air fryer.

Philips air fryer XXL – features

The Philips Air fryer XXL HD9650 has the Twin TurboStar technology. This means that the air fryer does not need to be preheated. In addition, the technology filters grease from the air. The revolving air contains grease and the double bottom and the star shape remove this grease from the air. As a result, your food will contain even less fat than with other air fryers.

Features Philips air fryer XXL

Another function is the ability to defrost food. The minimum temperature is 40 , which is usually 80 for others. In addition, the air fryer has a keep warm function. As for the programs: there are a number of standard baking programs. These are for meat, fish, chips, chicken and even pie. This also includes keeping warm. If you eventually want to wait a little longer with food, or if someone from your family comes a little later, you can keep the food nice and warm.

Furthermore, the food is prepared up to 90% less fat and becomes crispy with this air fryer.

Philips air fryer XXL – The capacity

The capacity of the basket of this air fryer is 1.4 kg. With this capacity, the air fryer can prepare a meal for 4 or 5 people at the same time.


The Philips Air fryer XXL HD9650/90 has a capacity of 2225 Watt. The device is made of plastic (plastic) and has a weight of 8 kg. The air fryer is 32.1 cm wide, 31.5 cm high and 43.3 cm deep. The volume is 7.3 litres. The shape is square and the color is black (with glossy finish). Hot air is used for cooking dishes. There is a 2 year warranty on this air fryer.

Non-stick coating

The Philips Air fryer XXL HD9650/90 has a non-stick coating. However, it is quite thin and therefore does not last very long. If you prefer an air fryer with a ceramic non-stick coating (so without Teflon), take a look at the Paula Deen Air fryer.

Digital display

The Philips Air fryer XXL HD9650/90 has a digital display. You can use this to set the temperature at which you want to prepare the food.

By turning the knob you can choose between the preset programs. If you want to determine your time and temperature yourself, set it to the M setting. Then tap the temperature icon at the top left and then turn the knob to set the degrees between 40 and 200 C. With this air fryer you can easily cook food, but also defrost it. The latter is possible at a temperature around 40 C.

You can also turn on the timer here. To do this, right-click on the clock and then turn the knob. You can see on the display how long it takes for the food to be ready.

Everything set up correctly? Then you can put it on by pressing the rotary button.

Philips air fryer XXL – Usability

There are various operating options with this air fryer, namely push buttons and rotary knobs. Other parts that are convenient for the user are the timer, cool wall, display and temperature light. The cool wall ensures that the outside does not get hot, which improves safety. The other features mentioned make it easier to use the air fryer. There is no viewing window with this air fryer. The cable length is 0.8 m, which means that a socket must be fairly close.

The container in which the basket is located can be removed very smoothly due to the rail system with which you can slide it out. This means you don’t have to think about where to put the bowl. This one just hangs. The basket itself has rubber feet. This means you don’t necessarily have to use a special heat-resistant surface, but you can put it on the counter for a month.

Is the Philips air fryer XXL easy to clean?

The Philips Air fryer XXL HD9650 is easy to clean. This has to do with the fact that the air fryer has removable parts. This way you can easily wash the parts that need to be cleaned most often (the basket and the inner pan) or put them in the dishwasher.


In general, the experiences of the Philips XXL HD9650 are very positive. What is experienced as positive is the range of options with the air fryer. This also applies to the result of the meals from this air fryer and the ease of use.

In addition, experience shows that this air fryer is easy to clean. What is generally rated more negatively is the non-stick coating that wears off quickly. However, there are a lot more positive points that emerge from the experiences. In the vast majority of cases, a high number of stars is also given for reviews that contain negative points. This shows that the negative points do not outweigh the positive points.

In the Netherlands this air fryer has also been tested as the best (2021) by the Consumers’ Association, which is of course a very good sign. In addition, reviews about the Philips Air fryer XXL HD9650 are mainly positive. This air fryer gets a rating of 4.6/5 on Amazon from no fewer than 2000 reviews.

Philips air fryer XXL vegetables and potatoes

Pros and cons of the Philips XXL air fryer

As mentioned, this air fryer mainly has pluses, but also some minuses. These are listed below so that you can make an informed choice whether it is suitable for you.


  • A plus of the Philips XXL HD9650/90 is the fact that this air fryer has Twin Turbostar Technology. As you can see from the functions, grease is filtered out of the air with this technology.
  • No preheating necessary.
  • Also a plus is the fact that you can defrost food with this air fryer, because of the minimum temperature of 40 degrees.
  • Large capacity. This is a plus, especially for larger families. Meals for 4 or 5 people can be made in it at the same time.
  • Because of the lower fat percentage, food from this air fryer is also healthier than from a regular deep fryer and, due to the special technology, less fat remains in the food than with another air fryer.
  • The quality of the meals is very good.
  • You can order the air fryer with all kinds of accessories, so you can choose between different preparation methods.


  • A downside of the Philips XXL HD9650 is the cord length. This one is quite short, so you have to place it close to the socket or use a power strip
  • In addition, reviews show that the non-stick coating is not that strong and therefore does not last long. It is therefore best not to go into the pan with sharp objects to turn or scoop your food.

Conclusion Philips XXL HD9650 air fryer

The Philips XXL HD9650/90 is definitely recommended. This is certainly the case for larger families, because the capacity is fairly large. There are also various functions for preparing food with this air fryer. By purchasing the accessory set, you can do even more with it.

The device is also user-friendly. The display provides clarity and the cool wall provides safety. The rail system with which you can remove the inner pan from the appliance is also very handy. The cable is a bit on the short side, but this can be solved by purchasing a power strip. You have to be careful with the somewhat sensitive non-stick coating and, as in most air fryers, there is no viewing window.

The food from this air fryer is healthier (because of less fat) than from other deep fryers and even contains less fat than from other air fryers due to the special Twin TurboStar technology.

In general, this air fryer is therefore very positively assessed. Good comments follow from many reviews and the Consumers’ Association has even labeled the air fryer the best.

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