Vegan vs vegetarian – what’s the difference

The difference between a vegan and a vegetarian is that a vegan goes a step further and don’t eat or use animal products because every animal product causes animal suffering.

A vegetarian doesn’t eat animals. He or she doesn’t eat or use products for which it is necessary to kill animals. They don’t eat meat, fish, products with gelatin,… They don’t wear leader.

A vegan doesn’t eat or use anything which animal products are processed. No meat, fish, gelatin or leather. But also no eggs, milk of animals, honey, wool, silk,…


What types of vegetarians are there?

Of course, there are so many types of vegetarians if there are vegetarians. You do not have to put yourself in a box and can decide what you want and what not. Maybe you’re not ready for a step further, but in a while, you are. Are when you’ve heard more about it, the rest has become a habit and you want to go one step further if you become more aware …

Boxes are useful in communicating to others. You don’t have to say the whole list of what you eat and what not. No, you just can say:

“I’m vegan.”

Flexitarian or part-time vegetarian

The flexitarian or part-time vegetarian is someone who often eats vegetarian but not always. One day or more per week, this person does not eat meat or fish.


  • Someone who participates in Meatless Monday day and eats 1 times a week vegetarian food.
  • Someone who is consistently eating at home, but not outdoors.

Why would anyone choose to be more flexible? This may have several reasons:

  • Get acquainted with the vegetarian or vegan cuisine, but not ready to take full action.
  • Still struggling to apply it in social situations. One does not want to notice, dares not ask for a vegetarian menu, …
  • For the social environment.
  • Aware of the impact of meat on the environment. Therefore, eat less meat
  • No conscious choice, but just like a vegetarian meal, and have a good meal.


A pescotarian is someone who never eats meat but still eat fish. This is not a vegetarian. Pescotarians often say they are vegetarian, which causes a lot of confusion. For example, vegetarians get fish, which is not the intention at all.

Pisces is Latin for fish.

The reasons can be health, environment, animals (one feels more connected with other mammals) than fish.

Ovo-Lacto vegetarian

Ovo-Lacto vegetarian is the vegetarian as we usually know. He or she does not eat fish or meat. They eat eggs and milk. Also, no ingredients derived from dead animals such as gelatin, cheese with animal rennet, cochenille (red dye), meat broth, …

A vegetarian also does not use leather.


Ovo vegetarians do not eat fish, meat or dairy. They eat eggs.

Lacto vegetarian

Lacto vegetarians do not eat fish, meat or eggs. They eat dairy.

Paleo vegetarian

Paleo vegetarian is a vegetarian and therefore does not eat meat and fish. In addition, they eat paleo so they do not consume dairy, no sugar, legumes, cereals or gluten.


Vegans do not eat or use animal products. So no meat, fish, milk, eggs, honey, gelatin, animal rennet. But do not use leather, fur, wool, silk …


Almost a vegan, the only difference with a vegan is that a beegan eats honey.

Raw foodie (raw food)

Raw foodies do not eat food that is processed above 40 degrees Celcius. The food is not cooked, boiled, steamed, fried, … This does not mean that everything has to be eaten cold. What is less than 40 degrees can be done. At higher temperatures, many of the vitamins and minerals are lost, so raw is the most nutritious. This also often refers to living food. Vegetables, fruits, crackers, … can be dried in a dehydrator. Often raw foodies are also vegans, but that does not have to be true. You can also eat raw meat, raw eggs, raw milk.

Pegan – Paleo Vegan

Paleo vegan is a vegan and therefore does not eat meat and fish, dairy, eggs, honey. In addition, they eat paleo so they do not consume dairy, no sugar, legumes, cereals or gluten.


A semi-vegetarian is someone who does not eat certain types of meat/fish, but others. For example, no pork, but bugs, etc., so deviates from the concept of vegetarian. Also, this term is sometimes called for flexitarians. So who knows to eat vegetarian a few days a week.

A pescotarian is an example of a semi-vegetarian. This person does eat fish, but no meat.


A pollotarian is someone who eats poultry but no other meat or fish. A pollotarian is thus an example of a semi-vegetarian.


A fruitarian does not eat anything that is animal, like a vegan but does not want to kill or damage any plants in order to get food. Fruits falling from the tree, like an apple, belong to the fruitarian’s menu. Nuts and seeds are also listed below, although the views are divided.

The best-known fruitarian is Steve Jobs. He ate only fruit during his young years.

What type do you belong to?


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