Is veganism a diet?

You can view the word diet in several ways.

The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.
Oxford Dictionaries

Then you can view it more as a kind of lifestyle. Most vegetarians or vegans do it as a kind of lifestyle and not so much to lose weight.

The word diet is usually viewed at:

  • to lose weight: you want to lose weight
  • for medical reasons: you must, for example, on a low-salt diet, an advice from your doctor. You get a list of things you have to eat and can no longer eat

You can lose weight by eating vegan (plant-based). You see it more and more in Hollywood lately, famous people will eat vegan food to lose weight.

Of course, it does not mean that if you eat vegan, you will automatically lose weight. For example, if you make French fries every day, fried in vegetable fat, with home-made vegan mayonnaise and a delicious vegan cake for dessert, you will not lose weight quickly, I think 😉

But if you eat a lot of vegetables and not too much fat, you can lose weight. vegetables that contain a lot of water will help you with this. Fruit and vegetables also contain a lot of fiber, which helps you with the digestion process. The food will also be better removed from your body and there will be less left behind so that vitamins and minerals can be absorbed much better. Generally speaking, a vegan “diet” contains many more vegetables.

How do you view the vegan diet? As a way of living or as a way to lose weight?

I’m curious, please let us know below.

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