How to open a coconut? With tools you have at home.

When you have bought a coconut and want to use it, you will think “How do I open the coconut?” So I will show you in a video. It’s not that hard and you can use tools you already have at home like a hammer and a corkscrew.

I bought a fresh organic coconut in a health store. When you shake with it, you’ll hear the water that’s in it. When you take a closer look at the coconut, you will see 2 things:

  • they have 3 eyes on it
  • there are break lines

How to open a coconut to drink?

The eyes are weaker, so you can make a hole in it with a corkscrew. One of the tree eyes is even weaker than the other two. So when you check with one it is, it’s much simpler to make the hole. If you don’t have a corkscrew, you can also use a knife.

If you screw till the bottom, you’ll hear some air escaping. Try to put out the water. Doesn’t work, then the hole isn’t big enough. Make it a bit bigger with the corkscrewed or screwdriver. Pour the fresh coconut water into a glass. The fresher the coconut the more coconut water you’ll get.

If you have hairy pieces in your water, you can filter it 😉

You can drink the coconut water, use it in dishes, do it in a smoothie.

How to open a coconut with a hammer?

As soon as the water is out the coconut, you can open it. Don’t do it immediately because otherwise, the water is splashing all around 😉

My favorite is using a hammer. Knock hard on the three lines you’ll see on the coconut till it breaks.

It’s possible the shell will open but there’s an egg in it, the coconut isn’t completely open. Just knock a bit more with the hammer and the other piece also breaks open.

Instead of knocking harder to open the “egg”, you can also use a peeler to peel the brown skin away.

Instead of a hammer, you can also use the back of a knife, but I find it more.difficult.

The coconut flesh can be used in meals, eat it just like it is, make a dessert with it.

What to do with a coconut shell?

  • Make music (sounds) with it. Knock the two halves together.
  • Use it as a candle holder. We place tea lights in it, it’s very cozy. 🙂
  • Make some DIY projects (jewels, things for the pets,….)

Do you like fresh coconuts?

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