I just shoot a video about guacamole and it gives me so much energy, I want to talk about energy with you.

Sometimes you have stuff in your life. It’s not going well with you, troubles at work or in your personal life, your living in your head,… At that moment you have a lack of energy. You don’t want to do anything, you don’t like anything.

How do you break through your lack of energy?

Think of all the things that give you energy. For me, it’s shooting video’s for the Youtube-channel, but also working in my garden, walking with the dog, being in nature, being inspired with podcasts I follow.

You have to see what things inspire you and give you a lot of energy. Maybe it is the same things like me, but it can be a whole different thing.

For example:

  • Being with family
  • Playing a game
  • Doing some sports
  • Cleaning your house (to see that nice, clean, fresh house)

If you find out what it is for you, do those things more. If you do it every week, every day you’ll feel more energized and you want to do other stuff. Maybe it’s going on a (day) trip, you can do it every month.

Do you recognize that you do not want to do those things because you feel tired or empty? You think you don’t have the time for it,… If you do those things, you will have more energy and everything else is going very fast, instead of slow when you’re in lack of energy.

Let me know, what are the things that give you energy, so we can inspire each other.