10 tips to cook faster

Faster at your dinner table is more (free) time 🙂

If we are talking about making (more) fast meals, this is not just about the type of dish. A good preparation and a little planning is half the work and makes unusually much difference in terms of time and results. Do you have a busy life and not every day hours of time for cooking Or you just do not feel like it? Then you do like some of these 10 tips:

1. Think ahead!

Create a weekly schedule, for example, Friday evening and do your shopping based on that plan. This way you have everything in the house all week and you should not suddenly start thinking about what you need to prepare at 18:00. Certainly: making a schedule sounds terribly boring, but it takes a little time and saves you unnecessary stress for the rest of the week. Sometimes, of course, it’s just fine to improvise well.

2. Make a double serving

It’s no harm to eat the same for 2 days, right? Possibly you can provide an extra (cold or hot) side dish for the necessary variety. For summer recipes, this salad of cucumber and red onion is an excellent addition. And you only have to cook once for two meals.

3. Do not use too much water while cooking

Unless when a certain ingredient requires that of course. Either way, the water will be faster at boiling point and the vegetables, pasta or potatoes cook faster. Often people also wait until the water boils before adding the ingredients. Perhaps that’s healthier or so, but I never really understood it. I mix up my water and pasta and then it’s a lot faster. In addition, your water will cool down again if you add the pasta or potatoes only later. Also, place a lid on your pot!

4. First the vegetables then the pasta

In the case of pasta and cooked vegetables; Cook the dishes first and use the cooking fluid afterward for the pasta. Less washing and more flavor!

5. Put everything ready

Put all the ingredients (including the herbs) and the required cooking material ready for you actually start cooking. So you can stay close to the fire and you do not have to search for that jar with cumin powder. I’m quite disturbed about my spice pots 😉 It prevents potatoes from overcooking, vegetable burgers stick to the pan, and so on, and so on, …

6. Preheat your oven before you do the rest

Does your recipe request a preheated oven? Then turn it on first. Thus you do not waste unnecessary time, heat and energy. Also do not open the oven for preheated. It would surprise you how much energy and heat is lost.

tip faster cooking - preheat oven

7. Stay busy

Do you have to wait for something cooked or cooked? In the meanwhile, make (for example) the sauce or clean up the rubbish in your kitchen. After that, it saves time.

8. Good (and sharp) material

Make sharp knives and other proper kitchen equipment. It does not seem to matter much, but a blunt knife will ultimately cost you a lot of (useful) time.

9. The correct format

Use the correct size of a pan when you want to bake something. For 2 vegetable burgers, you do not need a pan with a diameter of 1 (proverbial) meter. Heats and bakes a lot better and faster!

10. Cut your vegetables into small pieces

The finer your vegetables are cut, the faster you get the right yarn. Unfortunately, those same vegetables lose much of their nutritional value when they are extra-fine cut. It’s a good trick if it’s really fast, but I do not always recommend it. Therefore, this tip is also at the bottom of the list 😉

Finely chopped vegetables look more beautiful…

Finely chopped vegetagles

Additional tip

1 additional tip: spaghetti !!! Familiar and always delicious. Make a huge portion 1 times and store in portions (for 2 or 4 people) in the freezer. Defrost and heat up, cook some pasta, … .meal! Ideal when you do not feel like cooking.

Your own tips?

Do you have more tips and trics to quickly set a meal? Share them at the bottom of this article! I would also like to learn something 😉

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