How to peel chestnuts? The easy way! (with video and harvesting tips)

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Autumn, a time when all chestnut trees bear beautiful nuts. There are some chestnut trees in my neighborhood. In the fall I like to take some chestnuts there. I think it’s very relaxing. I took the nuts that are on or near the street. That is too dangerous for the squirrels 🙂 I use it for plant-based milk, roasted chestnut soup or in a savory meal.

How to harvest chestnuts

Look for chestnuts on the ground with open burrs or chestnuts that have fallen next to the bolster. If necessary, take a branch to push away the bolsters. While you pick them up you can enjoy the sounds of the birds and nature. 🙂

Peeling chestnuts can be hard. The first peel is simpel, but the membrane against the chestnut is harder to remove. But don’t worry, I have a simpel way you can do it…

Cook the chestnuts

By cooking them, it’s effortless. How do you start? Also, check the video below.

  • First, place the chestnut on the table with the flat side and cut them in half. If you want to keep the whole chestnut instead of two halves, put a cross in it. But I’m going to make plant-based milk of it and going to mix them, so it’s no problem cutting them. This makes it a lot faster.
  • Put them in a cooking pot and put them under water.
  • Put the fire on and let the water cook. Simmer for about ten minutes. Regularly check the cheeriness. As soon as the chestnuts fall out of their peel, you can use them.

Do you like chestnuts? Do you harvest them yourself?

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