“Do you eat vegan or are you a vegan?” – This question I received from a follower. So I thought, I’ll make a video of it. You’ll see some clothes, shoes, and products from the bathing room.

If you just asked that question to someone in the street, this person would probably be surprised and think you just ask 2 times the same.

But there is a difference to this question. You can eat vegan, regularly or even always. All your food is vegan, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, seitan, … but besides eating you do not mind other things.
When you are a vegan, you watch other things as well as being fully plant-based.

When I became a vegetarian in 2000, I did not buy any leather shoes anymore. Now I’m a vegan (2005), I also look at other things.

Vegan lifestyle – A look at the products and clothes I have

In this video I show some products I have and use, such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, toothpaste.


What does vegan mean for me? (the vegan lifestyle)

Vegan clothing

When I buy clothes, I see if it does not contain leather, wool, silk. By the way, I also choose organic clothes. Because it is better for the environment and because otherwise a lot of chemicals penetrate your skin.

Vegan shoes

My sneakers are from the brand Vegetarian Shoes. Of the same brand, I bought years ago army boots. In that time I wear it daily, with a pair of pants, a skirt, a dress, a short. Those combinations might not look great 😉  but they were nice. I think I have them in the meantime for a year or 15 and they are still going along. Now I don’t wear them on a daily basis, but if I’m going to walk in winter, I’ll use them.
My current winter boots and Stijns men’s shoes are from the brand Eco Vegan Shoes.

Vegan care products and cosmetic

I’m not somebody who uses cosmetics, the only thing i sometimes use is mascara (currently from Lavera) and quite a bit of eyeshadow.
In the case of toothpaste I often change the brand.
With care products and cosmetics, I find it easy to check the labels because it is not as simple as food.

Vegan body cream

Previously, I used organic body cream, but today I do not buy anything special. My body cream is … a box of organic coconut oil. Just the one you would use in the kitchen (even those with coconut odor). It’s solid of texture, so it’s handy to use. Not like another oil with which you are completely under the fat. If the bathroom is very hot or in the summer, for example, those begin to melt, making it even easier to smear. The big advantage is that you are only 1 ingredient sprained over you. No useless ingredients or things that are just harmful to you.

The coconut oil is also an ideal cosmetic remover.

And you? You are already happy to keep an eye on what is in your food. Or is that something that you are aware of?