Not all bread is vegan. Butter and milk are also used. This is especially the case with luxury sandwiches. But even if the bread does not contain any butter or milk, there may be something else in it …

Bread improver – Is it vegan?

A bread improver is used to make the bread “better”. But not healthier.

Better is seen here as more beautiful in color, better taste, better rise, longer shelf life, more shine, less need to bake, …

But it is therefore not always clear whether the used bread improver is vegan/vegetarian or not as it also uses hair from pigs or people or duck feathers. This is about E-number E920 (L-cysteine) and E921 (Cystine) . The annoying thing is that this is not required by European legislation to mention E920 on the label. And I fear that the baker often does not know what that exactly is.

So it is best to choose organic bread because these things should not be allowed. Please note that it is also without milk, butter.

Baking bread yourself

I often find bought bread too spongy. You put some spread on it and the bread almost falls apart.

So give me a sandwich without E-numbers. I also make it myself. Very quickly finished, smells nice in the house, you know what is in it and you can alternate with ingredients 🙂

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