Jerusalem artichoke chips

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Chips do not always have to be made from potatoes. It is at least as good with Jerusalem artichokes. Since you can not find it in stores – as far as I know – we will make it ourselves.

Preferably choose organic Jerusalem artichokes and wash them. Then cut them into thin slices. You can use a mandolin, but also a grater, food processor or a knife. Make sure that all slices are about the same thickness. This ensures that all chips are ready at the same time.

Put all the slices in a bowl and pour over with water. Rinse them and leave for another fifteen minutes in the water. Because of the starch, the chips will soften up more quickly and to avoid that, I first rinse them off.

Remove the slices from the water and pat dry thoroughly. You can do this with kitchen paper, but I use a kitchen towel for this.

Then you have the choice of how you want to prepare your chips.

Frying Jerusalem artichoke chips

Fry the Jerusalem artichoke slices briefly, if they are light brown or float up, take them out of the fryer. Then let drip in a bowl with some kitchen paper. Sprinkle with it any herbs of your choice.

Roast Jerusalem artichokes in the pan

Put some oil in a pan and let it warm up. Fry the slices of Jerusalem artichoke and sprinkle with herbs if desired. Turn them until they are crispy.

Jerusalem artichoke chips

Chips from Jerusalem artichokes in the oven

In the oven, you can make the most chips at the same time. So if you make more than one portion, this is the best option. Even if you want to use less oil than baking or frying, this option (or the next one) is ideal.

Preheat the oven to 150 ° C (300° F).

Put a little oil over the Jerusalem artichoke slices. Optionally, you can mix salt, pepper or other herbs with it. Put everything together so that there are a little oil and some herbs around all the slices.

Put parchment paper on an oven plate and spread the slices over the baking sheet. Do not overlap them. You can also choose to put the slices first and then apply a little oil to the slices with a brush.

Depending on the thickness of your slices, it may take longer / shorter, so keep an eye on it.

Bake 10 minutes. Then turn all the slices over and bake 10 minutes on this side. Repeat this again with 5 minutes on each side.

Jerusalem artichoke chips in the microwave

Did you know that you can also make chips in the microwave? It is faster than in the oven, but you can make fewer chips at the same time.

Put parchment paper on a plate and put the chips on it and brush a little oil over it and add the herbs of your choice. Or put the oil and spices in a bowl together with the Jerusalem artichoke slices, put everything together and place them on the plate with parchment paper.

How long this takes depends on the thickness and humidity of your slices.

Start at the highest power setting with 1 minute. Turn the slices over and also bake for 1 minute at the highest setting. Do this again on both sides. Now turn the microwave 2 settings lower and do this with 30 seconds until the Jerusalem artichoke is nicely crispy.

These chips are tasty to snack, but also under a salad to get some crispness.

Let us know in a comment below what you think of this snack.

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