Jerusalem artichokes, it is not for everyone such an obvious vegetable, fairly unknown. They also belong to the forgotten vegetables. But all these forgotten vegetables have luckily gained popularity in recent years, so you can also see them in the supermarket more often.

What is a Jerusalem artichoke?

Jerusalem artichokes are family of the sunflower. Jerusalem artichoke also has beautiful flowers. But it is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also good to eat.

But how do you prepare these crazy things now?

Jerusalem artichoke: peel or not?

I sometimes hear people do not buy Jerusalem artichokes because it is so hard to peel because of the irregular shape. Don’t let that stop you from eating it. You don’t have to peel Jerusalem artichokes. You could do that, but it is not necessary. Personally, I usually buy organic than I do not peel them. Saves a lot of time 😉 With non-organic ones I would peel them.

Do you want them peeled, you can use a peeler or cook them with the peel on and remove it afterward.

Cooking Jerusalem artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes can be cooked and are very quick to prepare because it only takes 10 minutes, sometimes a bit longer depending on the size. By poking in with a fork you check whether they are cooked or need a little longer. Do not let them cook too long, because then they become very flat. There may still be a bit of “bite” to it.

Steaming Jerusalem artichokes

If you prefer steaming instead of cooking, it’s also possible with the Jerusalem artichoke.

Just like a mix of sweet potato and regular potato for mashed potato, you can also combine the Jerusalem artichoke with potato to make mashed potatoes.

Baking Jerusalem artichokes

First, boil the Jerusalem artichokes and then fry in the pan with spices scattered over it.

Jerusalem artichoke in the oven

Cut into small cubes, making sure they are about the same size. That is how they will be ready simultaneously. Mix with a little bit of oil and spices and put in the oven at 180º Celcius (350º F). Depending on the size of the cubes, this takes about 30 minutes. Prick it with a fork and if they are not done, leave them in the oven for longer. Halfway you can even shove them.

Stew with Jerusalem artichoke

What I really like is a stew with Jerusalem artichoke and other vegetables such as pumpkin, turnips, leeks, … If you’re planning to prepare such a stew, keep in mind that some vegetables need a much longer cooking time than the Jerusalem artichokes. Do not throw everything in the cooking pot at the same time, because then the Jerusalem artichokes will soon become mousse. So after stewing the onion and garlic, you put the vegetables in the pot that need the longest cooking time, then the next one and in the last 10 minutes, you can add the Jerusalem artichokes.

preparing jerusalem artichokes

Jerusalem artichoke in soup or sauce

Jerusalem artichoke is creamy, so ideal for making soup or making a sauce. You get a bit of a creamy taste without having to add cream.

Eating Jerusalem artichoke raw

You can eat Jerusalem artichoke raw by grating it, for example, or cutting it into thin slices. Especially if you eat them raw, you can sprinkle them with some lemon juice. This prevents them from turning brown quickly. By adding the raw Jerusalem artichoke to a salad you get a tasty crunchy structure.

If you are going to eat them raw you can use fresh Jerusalem artichokes that are still firm.

Chips from Jerusalem artichokes

This is sooooo good !!! Cut the Jerusalem artichoke into thin slices and fry them, or fry them in the pan. As soon as they are ready you can sprinkle herbs of your choice: paprika, salt, …
Do you want it a little healthier with less oil? Then put them in the oven.

So there are many ways to prepare Jerusalem artichokes.

Recipes with Jerusalem artichoke

  • Jerusalem artichoke sauce
  • Stew with winter vegetables and organic beer

Have you already eaten it or is it completely new for you? What is your favorite way to eat them?