You can use butternut squash in various dishes. But how do you start with such a big pear? First, find out which dish you want to make, then you will know whether you need cubes or half a pumpkin. I’m going to show you both ways how you can cut it. But first …

How to peel butternut squash?

Do you have to peel a butternut squash or not? You don’t need to but you can if you like. Usually, I don’t peel it, for example when I make soup or roast the pumpkin in the oven. But if you are going to prepare as a vegetable besides potatoes or quinoa, you may have preferred to peel it. No problem, just use a peeler and go on all sides. The peel will go off very easily.

How to cut butternut squash into cubes?

First, cut off the top (the hat) and the bottom. Place the pumpkin on its side and cut off slices. For the slices that contain seeds, remove the seeds.

You cut strips off the slices. Turn the slice (all strips together) a quarter and cut again so that the strips become cubes.

How to cut butternut squash in half for stuffing

First, cut off the top (the hat) and the bottom. Take care that your knife does not pop out and end up in your body. A handy way to prevent this is to put your knife in the middle of the pumpkin (cutting direction is the length).

Now push your knife down so that you have one half in two. Take your knife out, turn the pumpkin and put the knife back in the middle. Do the same on this side so that the other half is also open. Check the video in which I demonstrate this. (but first cut off the hat, because I forgot that in the video)

Remove the seeds with a spoon. You can now fill these 2 holes with some dish. Or hollow the butternut squash further so that you can fill it over the full length. The easiest way to do this, I think, is with an ice scoop. The flesh that you scoop out can be used in a stew that serves as a filling. But if you want to use a completely different filling, you can use the flesh into a soup.

Don’t throw away the seeds. You can roast it, more about this next week.

Do you often eat butternut squash? What is your favorite way? Share it below in the comments with blog readers.