It’s time! Summer has arrived and we can finally enjoy the fresh air again without freezing or getting soaked. Yes, yes, yes!

Relaxing outside also means good food and … then you soon come up with the ultimate summer classic; barbecue! Always cozy, always yummy, always a party.

Moreover, barbecuing is no longer synonymous with getting insane amounts of meat. On the contrary; conjuring up a vegan bbq party on the table is a breeze. Not only thanks to the many delicious “meat substitutes” that are available, but certainly also by being more creative with all kinds of vegetables (and fruit).

To get you in the mood and to provide the necessary inspiration, we have written this new blog post with pleasure. And that is of course entirely devoted to glowing coals, heavenly BBQ recipes, the tastiest products and, above all, lots of fun. Because that’s what a barbecue is all about.

In short: enjoy it!

Vegan dishes on the barbecue

Let’s start with the easiest and take a look at the ready-made products:

Ready-made products

There are more and more vegan ready-made products that you can buy and that you can put on the bbq.

  • Virginia steak from Wheaty: a spicy seasoned steak from Wheaty where you would almost forget that you are eating a vegetable meal. Or other Wheaty products, such as the vegan bbq mix. (Europe, UK)
  • Veggie barbecue sausage from Taifun: delicious smoked tofu sausages. Super taste and texture! BBQ tip: Brush the sausages with a little oil. Turn them regularly so that you get the crust you want. De-li-ci-ous !!! (Europe, UK)
  • Beyond Meat burger: for the real meat lover who has become aware of the meat impact on animals and the environment, but still wants to enjoy a meat flavor.
  • Products from the Vegetarian Butcher, note that some are vegetarian and not vegan. (Europe, UK)
  • Linda McCartney’s burgers and sausages
  • Vbites “fish” and “meat” burgers

Do you know about other vegan BBQ products or packages, let me know in a comment at the bottom of this page. Then I can add this to the list.

Homemade dishes for the BBQ

Making something tasty for the bbq takes time, but then you can vary to your heart’s content and also use a lot of vegetables.

Straight on the grill

To stay with the “meat substitutes”, you can put slices of seitan on the BBQ.

But vegetables are also great to put on the barbecue: eggplant, corn, mushrooms (on skewers or fill with garlic butter), cabbage, potato, sweet potato, onions, asparagus, beetroot, peppers, …

Cut aubergines, courgettes, sweet potato, … into long slices.

Brush the vegetables or seitan with some oil, herb butter or a barbecue sauce (more about this later) or put them in a marinade overnight.

Create brochettes

You can vary to your heart’s content with brochettes. You can marinate the vegetables, mushrooms, seitan, tofu, tempeh a while in advance for an extra delicious taste.

marinated seitan brochette

Tasty, soft pieces of seitan are perfect for making the ultimate vegan saté! With a good marinade they really become the star of your bbq festival!

If you use tofu, first press it thoroughly dry so that it is firmer. Then add the marinade. Tofu does not have much flavor by itself, so marinate at least one night. For mixed brochettes with tofu and vegetables, use smaller cubes of tofu. If you only use tofu you can cut it into larger blocks, use 2 skewers for this so that the tofu is more stable and does not fall apart during turning.

Marinade recipes >>

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Making a papillote

If you want a “dish” on the BBQ, you can cut smaller pieces of vegetables, provided with a marinade, soy sauce, vegan wine and all kinds of herbs. Pack them with aluminum foil or parchment paper and place the packages on the barbecue. This can be done on the grid or directly on the coal. Due to the added liquid, they steam until done. The smaller the pieces of vegetables, the faster they are cooked.

Make burgers yourself

In addition to ready-made burgers, you can also get started with making burgers. This is ideal if you have leftovers to process, are allergic to ingredients in ready-made burgers or just want to get started yourself.

Jacket (sweet) potato on the BBQ

You can slice sweet potatoes and roast them on the BBQ, but you can also make jacket sweet potato. This is also possible with potato, but it takes a little longer. You don’t do it on the grid, but directly on the coal. Once they are ready you can optionally fill them with some other food, such as a vegan herb cheese, fresh herbs, and spring onions.

Bread on the BBQ

Bread doesn’t only have to lie next to the BBQ between the salad bar. You can also put it on the BBQ. For example pieces of baguette with garlic butter over it, flatbread, or a homemade pizza.

BBQ Spice Mixes

The barbecue grill herbs speak for themselves. No tasty food without herbs.

Give all your grill dishes (tofu, seitan, and vegetables) the perfect seasoning immediately by sprinkling the herb mix directly on, for example, seitan and pressing it in a little. Do this the day beforehand for extra taste. Or use such a spice mix as a seasoning in a marinade.  How could you resist it

You can buy herbal mixes for bbq or compile them yourself to your own wishes and store them in jars.

Sauces for grilling

You can eat a sauce with your dish, but you can also rub your vegetables, tofu or seitan with it. I am of course not talking about a vegan mayo, but about BBQ sauces. This not only gives you much more taste, but it also ensures that your grilled ingredient does not dry out.

Most of those sauces are based on ketchup. You can add all kinds of ingredients, such as liquid smoke, vegan Worchester sauce, sugar, syrup, Tabasco, vinegar, spice mix, …

Heat up everything in a cooking pot and bring it to the boil gently. Let simmer for 5 to 10 minutes until the sauce thickens.

Don’t feel like making it yourself, check the ingredients of ready-made bbq sauces and you’ll certainly find them vegan. You must be able to withstand that there are probably large pieces of meat on the package 😉

Liquid smoke

Don’t you have a barbecue device or simply do not feel like fussing with lighters? Thanks to liquid smoke, you no longer have to light a fire for that typical smoke flavor! A dash of liquid smoke in your barbecue sauces and marinades immediately provides the perfect smoky note and that ultimate barbecue feeling!

Order liquid smoke >>

Next to the barbecue – side dishes

Vegetables and salads

Besides throwing all kinds of goodies on the barbecue, it is also nice to provide some cold vegetables or dishes. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you want. If you want it very simple, just provide some cold vegetables that you have washed and cut; e.g. cucumber, tomato, lettuce, grated carrot, peas, … so everyone can put together their own salad and provide it with a vegan sauce or dressing.

If you feel like cooking, then you can also get started with more special side dishes for the bbq: think of a rice salad, taboulé, potato salad with vegan mayo and onions, vegetable dish, etc.


There is a lot of choice for bread at the BBQ.

  • You can keep it simple with slices of standard bread or baguette.
  • But you can also go for spicy focaccia.
  • You can provide buns between which you can place the freshly barbecued vegan burger.
  • Or seasoned flatbread that you put on the bbq.
  • Do you like sharing food, then a pull-apart bread is a very nice one. You can make this in 2 different ways. The first is perhaps best known: small balls of bread that hang together. The other way is to provide an ordinary bread with horizontal and vertical notches up to about 2 cm from the bottom, fill this bread with vegan cheese and herbs or add all sorts of extras such as pesto, herb butter, garlic, slices of vegan meat substitutes, olives, … Since not all vegan cheese melts so well, you can add a little soy cream to it, this helps it melt, or you can use vegan mozzarella or cheese spread. Then bake the bread in the oven until the cheese melts. You can also put it on the BBQ but under a lid.

Compound butter

You can spread herb butter on a piece of bread and grill it, but also on vegetables. Or you can eat it cold on bread.

In addition to garlic butter or standard herb butter with parsley and chives, you can also vary here: use peppers, lime zest, vegan cheese, tarragon, sage, curry, etc.

If you make a large quantity, you can also store it in the freezer.

Garlic herb butter recipe >>

Table Sauces

A good barbecue is not possible without a good sauce. You learn that from the commercials 😉 Nowadays you can find vegan mayonnaise in the supermarket and a few other flavors in the organic shop. If you want to vary a lot, you can also make your own sauces.

In addition to ketchup and veganaise or derivatives thereof, you can also opt for salsa or chutney.

Dessert on the bbq

You can throw your dessert on the BBQ. Be sure to try fresh fruit such as pieces of pineapple, banana in the peel, …

Banana on the BBQ >>

banana on a bbq

Or do you remember from your childhood that you roasted marshmallows in the fire? This is also possible at the BBQ. Roast the marshmallows above the barbecue using a skewer. A simple and quick dessert for young and old! Choose vegan marshmallows here, they don’t contain gelatin or any other ingredient of animal origin.

Vegan marshmallows >>

vegan marshmallows on a bbq

Do you like cooling ice cream with the banana on the BBQ? Then you can, of course, buy them ready-made or make them yourself in the taste that you want.

In addition to placing slices of fruit on the bbq, you can also cut different fruit into smaller pieces and make it into a papillote. For the liquid, you can use fruit juice or fruit beer. If you like a sweet dessert then you can add some sugar or another sweetener.

Summer drinks

Of course, you get thirsty from all that food 😉

Water with a taste

Always nice to enjoy a nice cool drink in warm weather! However, you can easily replace the usual soft drinks with healthier tap water. But of course tap water with a “touch” 😉

A carafe of tap water does not look very festive, but that is quickly remedied by adding fresh fruit and/or and herbs such as mint or basil (leave at least 2 hours in advance). Certainly, the children will not be able to resist such colorful delicacies. Persons who like it sweet can extend their drink with some agave or rice syrup.

Water with fruit and herbs

Possible flavor additions: lemon, strawberry, cucumber, lime, orange, berries, pineapple, mango, lavender, etc. Do not be afraid to try out combinations.

If you have a SodaStream, you can make sparkling water yourself and pimp it with all kinds of syrups or make it into a mocktail.

With or without alcohol

You can also opt for cocktails, mocktails, beer or vegan wines. In addition to mocktails, which are non-alcoholic cocktails, there are also more and more 0% beers available. The quality thereof has also improved enormously compared to the non-alcoholic beers a few years ago.

BBQ tips

  • Add extra flavor to your barbecue dishes by sprinkling (barbecue) herbs over the glowing coals.
  • Before cooking, prepare tofu, seitan, and vegetables in a homemade marinade. Taste explosions guaranteed!
  • Soak skewers 10 minutes before use in warm water. It prevents them from burning on the grid.
  • Grease the grid so that the food doesn’t stick.
  • Keep the drinks cool in buckets of cold water. Let your guests serve themselves, then you don’t have to play waiter all the time 🙂
  • Too much work such a bbq? Let every guest make a dish and bring it along.
  • If you give a BBQ yourself, you can keep it completely vegan. If you go to a mixed (omnivores and vegans) BBQ, then you can provide a separate BBQ for vegan food or if you are on your own then you can optionally bake your ready-made or homemade vegan delicacies in a grill pan. Then use liquid smoke for a taste of smoke.

Do you have barbecue favorites or ready-made products that should definitely be added to this article? Let us know in a comment at the bottom of this page.

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