Black salt or kala namak

Kala namak, or (Himalayan) black salt is a rock salt. Due to the sulfur, Kala Namak has a typical egg flavor. Ideal if you, as a vegan, sometimes miss the taste of an egg. Mostly it is used in the Indian and Ayurvedic kitchen, but also in the vegan kitchen, we use it a lot.

When I was a child, every last weekday my mom made me a sandwich with tomatoes, salad, cocktail sauce and pieces of hard-boiled eggs. When I went to a theme park, I got sandwiches with scrambled eggs. So I have quite good memories about the taste of eggs. For more than 13 years now (since 2005, I became a vegan) I don’t eat eggs anymore. But sometimes I missed the taste of it. So I was glad I discovered black salt because it gives me the good memories and it’s cruelty-free.

It smells like eggs and when you taste it, it tastes very eggy. The color is brown or pink – not black – and depends on the brand.

Black salt uses

I use it with scrambled tofu, just scramble the tofu with a fork and bake it with onion. The black salt will give your dish the eggy taste.

A very delicious one is vegan egg salad (with tofu, kala namak, and vegan mayo). We sold it in our webshop and customers loved it.

Black salt / kala namak

In Belgium, it’s a classic dish: mashed potatoes, white sauce, cauliflower. Mostly it’s eaten with meat, but sometimes also with a soft boiled egg. When you cut the egg, you get the orange liquid (egg yolk) where you can dip in the potato or cauliflower. We make this classical dish on a regularly base, but than vegan style. Soy milk for the mashed potatoes, also for the white sauce (and soy butter), and for the egg taste, we use a pinch of black salt in the white sauce. So we have the same taste like in the gold old these, but then vegan 🙂

Use it a bit on a sandwich with vegetables, vegan mayo or cocktail sauce or in a salad.

Are you familiar with black salt, do you use it a lot and how? Or is it completely new for you (and you want to try it)? Let me now!

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