Tofu egg salad (vegan recipe) + creative ideas for an Easter brunch

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We used to have vegan tofu egg salad in our webshop in Belgium. The reactions to the salad were always mega-positive. Many customers thought it was a real delicacy.

And rightly so, even if we say so ourselves!

Now that we have closed the chapter ‘webshop’, it seemed like a good idea to share the famous recipe with you. So you can enjoy it at home.

Moreover, you can make many more nice dishes with this vegan egg salad. Especially with Easter in mind!

You will find extra inspiration in this article.

Egg salad… without eggs!

There are those delicacies where even the most die-hard vegan can stay away with difficulty. And according to us, egg salad is one of them.

When we found out that the taste and structure of egg salad were veganisable, we even became a bit euphoric. Not in the least because it is also effortless.

The basis consists of a simple vegan mayonnaise (veganaise), tofu, and some herbs. Most ingredients for the vegan egg salad are found almost everywhere. Every supermarket now has tofu in the assortment.

Vegan tofu egg salad on sandwich

However, there is 1 (and essential) ingredient that might be slightly harder to find …

Black salt

Yep, the most important ingredient for vegan tofu egg salad is … kala namak!

This special salt with a high sulfur content is also known under the name ‘black salt’. That is immediately a little ironic because kala namak is slightly pale pink.

The discoverer was definitely color-blind 😉

This being said: precisely that high sulfur content ensures the typical egg flavor. You can even smell it immediately as soon as you open a package. The smell of (boiled) eggs will directly meet you.

And no matter how you think about consuming eggs, it smells great! 😉

The disadvantage is that you can not buy kala namak at any corner of the street. With a bit of luck, your local health food store will have some in stock. If not, online ordering may be the only option.

Kala namak is quite strong, and you don’t need much of it. With an average package, you have a stock for a long time.

And hey … it’s salty. And salt doesn’t decay 😉

As said, it is an essential ingredient for the success of your recipe. Without kala namak you ‘just’ have a tofu spread. Also tasty, but no vegan egg salad of course.

What else you need

What you still need – apart from the ingredients – is a high measuring cup, a handheld blender, a bowl and a fork. That is everything.

Oh yes, the tofu! Remove it from the packaging and let it drain briefly. Then place it between 2 plates covered with kitchen paper and put a heavyweight on it (for example, a cooking pot with water). Let the tofu ‘rest’ for a few hours now.

This way all excess moisture is removed from the tofu and your vegan egg salad is guaranteed to be great 🙂

The vegan tofu egg salad recipe

Do you already have everything at home? Fantastic! Then you can now get started on the recipe.
And psst … immediately make enough (because there is more to follow;)).

Yield: 300 grams

Tofu egg salad (vegan recipe)

Vegan tofu egg salad


  • 250 gram firm tofu
  • 1 tsp kala namak
  • 0.5 tsp turmeric powder
  • 100 ml soy milk, unsweetened
  • 1 tbsp mustard
  • 1 tbsp apple vinegar
  • 200 ml sunflower oil
  • Black pepper, freshly ground (to taste)
  • 10 stems chives, fresh (finely chopped)


    Chop the chives finely.

    Break the tofu over a bowl into coarse pieces. Add the turmeric and kala namak and continue to fine tofu with a fork (or use your food processor).

    Make a veganaise: mix the soy milk with the mustard, apple vinegar and a pinch of salt in a high cup. Put in the hand blender and add the sunflower oil while mixing until you have a firm mass. Tip: make a slow up and down movement with the hand blender.

    Mix the veganaise and the chives under the tofu and season to taste with freshly ground black pepper and - if necessary - extra kala namak.


It can be that simple. You can keep the vegan egg salad in the fridge for another 5-6 days. Often, however, it is already on before those days have passed 😉

easter brunch with vegan egg salad

Creative with the vegan egg salad

Of course this spread is delicious on a simple slice of bread, but of course, there are many more options.

For example, if you want to organize a lovely vegan Easter brunch (and see your family looking surprised), then one (or more) of the following ideas might appeal to you.

Wrap with asparagus and vegan egg salad

Wrap with asparagus and Vegan egg Salad

Spread the vegan egg salad on a tortilla and top with freshly cooked asparagus, thin strips of cucumber, extra chives and mixed lettuce. Season with freshly ground black pepper and roll the wrap firmly.

As an appetizer, you can cut the wrap into small (er) pieces. Or serve it as a lunch dish.

Tortilla with asparagus and tofu salad

Stuffed chicory

Stuffed chicory

Take two stalks of chicory and remove the end. Carefully pick the leaves and fill them up with Vegg Salad. Cut some radishes into wafer-thin slices and put them on top.

Arrange the chicory on a plate and sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper and chives. Serve immediately because otherwise, the “boats” will become moist (and weak)

Stuffed tomatoes

Four pieces

Stuffed tomatoes

Remove the crown from the tomatoes and cut off a ‘hat’. Hollow out the tomatoes with a spoon, but store the tomato meat. Also, so cut the ‘hats’ into small pieces.

Drain the hollowed-out tomatoes on a clean cloth or kitchen paper.

Mix the tomato meat with 300 grams of vegan tofu egg salad and season to taste with freshly ground pepper and – if necessary – extra salt.

Fill the tomatoes with the vegan tofu egg salad / tomato mixture. Finish with freshly shredded chives.

So, with this, you have some wonderful inspiration for Easter. Bet you can put together the perfect Vegan Easter menu? 🙂

Do you have fun and creative ideas with this vegan tofu egg salad? Share them here below with everyone.

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